Ultimate Super Nintendo World Hollywood Merch Guide

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Super Nintendo World. During our trip, we noted all of the products alongside the prices to help you plan what you’d like to purchase and subsequently how much spending money you’ll need for a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. Keep in mind that all of these products are available in multiple stores including;

  • In CityWalk
  • Inside Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Inside the 1-Up Factory store in Super Nintendo World

Personally, we never saw any products available in one store that weren’t available in another. Nor did we find any exclusive products to the 1-Up Factory store in Super Nintendo World.

That being said, while all of the products below were available during our trip it’s all based on availability – we’re pretty sure there’s some stuff that we didn’t see because it’s sold out already.

All prices are also before tax, and currently, Universal Studios Hollywood season and annual pass discounts (or any other merchandise discounts) are not applicable on any Super Nintendo World merchandise.

Pen – $5

Pens are available in four different designs; Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser

Racing Cup Candy Tin Mystery Box – $5

These are small collectable race-cup tins with candy mints inside.

Regular Candy Tin – $4.95

These regular candy mint tins come in four different designs. While the race cup mint candy tins ($5) come in a range of different collectable designs (see above)

Candy Bars – $7

The chocolate bars are available with a variety of different characters on the front, and each character represents a different flavour.

  • Mario – Milk Chocolate
  • Yoshi – Milk Chocolate With Poppin’ Candy
  • Princess Peach – White Chocolate Cookies & Cream
  • Luigi – Milk Chocolate Caramel
  • Toad – Milk Chocolate With Crispies

Star Popcorn Bucket – $39.99

This Popcorn bucket comes on a Super Nintendo World lanyard, lights up and includes unlimited free refills on the day of purchase.

Toad Sipper – $24.99

These toad sipper cups are available in either red or green and come with a Super Nintendo World lanyard.

The sipper comes with one free refill included and then $1.50 additional refills throughout the day.

Basic Keyrings – $11

These keyrings are available in a range of different designs, with additional styles available at a higher cost (see below)

Mario Kart Keyrings – $14

We think these Mario Kart inspired keyrings are slightly more than the ‘basic’ keyrings above due to the coloured faux leather outline.

Small Plush Keyring – $13

These small plush keyrings or bag charms come in a range of different character designs and cost $13 each.

Mario Kart Carabiner Clip Keyrings – $18

These carabiner clip style keychains come in multiple different Mario Kart designs.

Peel & Stick Patch Set – $12

These peel & stick mini patch sets are only available as a set with three different designs.

Pin Badges – $8 to $19

There are a number of different Super Nintendo World pin badges to choose from.

This set of Mario Kart pin badges is $19
These small Mario Kart medal pins come in a range of designs and cost $8
This four-pack of pins costs $19
These large Mario Kart pin badges cost $14 each and come in a range of different character designs.

Mario Kart Magnets – $17

These Mario Kart inspired magnets are only sold as a set, and only come in this standard design.

Toad Coin Purse – $16

These small coin purses are currently only available in the Toad design.

Small Plushie Purse – $18

A slightly pricier alternative to the Toad purse is the character plushie purses that come on a small lanyard. These purses are available in multiple different designs.

Plastic Cups – $10

While Princess Peach is the only character shown in the photo, these cups are also available in; Mario, Luigi, Yoshi (and possibly Bowser if I remember correctly).

Coffee Mug – $17

These coffee mugs are currently only available in one design (coffee cups are available in multiple different designs for $16 – see below)

Character Mug – $16

These character mugs are currently only available in either Mario or Luigi.

Water Bottle – $17

Currently, Super Nintendo World water bottles are only available in one design.

Adults Water Bottle / Sipper – $25

This adult water bottle is currently only available in one design.

Lanyard Pouch – $8

These lanyard pouches are available in multiple different Super Nintendo World character designs.

Lanyard – $16

There are multiple different Super Nintendo World inspired lanyards available – including many that match the Lanyard pouch design.

Retractable Pouch Lanyard – $10

We sadly only saw these retractable lanyards available in one standard design.

Character Gloves – $24

This is currently the only design of character gloves available. These gloves are sold as a pair.

Character Headbands – $18

During our most recent visit, we only saw Mario or Luigi headbands available in the stores.

However, we saw a number of people wearing Princess Peach headbands – so we’re not sure if these were stocked by Universal and have since sold out.

Power-Up Bands – $40

Power-Up Bands are interactive wearable bands that can be used to interact with various different elements within Super Nintendo World.

There are six different Power-Up Band characters for you to choose from, they are; Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, and Yoshi.

Baseball Hats – $27

There is an extensive range of different baseball hats for you to choose from.

Player 1 (in red) is also available.

Youth Character Jacket – $45

These jackets are available in either Mario or Yoshi and are also available in adult sizes ($60).

For reference, our little boy is 14 months old in this photo and wearing an XXS (the smallest kids’ size available).

Kids T-Shirt – $23 to $25

There’s an extensive range of kids’ t-shirts available with some designs also available in adult sizes.

Mario Kart inspired t-shirt (on the right) is $23
Player 1 (Player 2) kids t-shirt available (on the right) for $25
This t-shirt is available in a range of different designs and costs $25
Kids character t-shirts also include Bowser and Bowser JR and are again $25 each

Kids Mario Kart PJs – $40

Sadly adult sizes are not available.

Adults Character Jacket – $60

These character jackets are also available in kid’s sizes ($45) and come in either a Mario or Luigi design.

Adults Hoodie – $60

There are two different adult hoodies available, both with a Mario Kart design.

This hoodie is also $60 and is cropped

Adult T-Shirts – $30 to $35

Depending on the design the cost of an adult’s t-shirt is between $30 and $35.

This long-sleeved t-shirt was $35
The adult t-shirt (on the left) was $35
This Player 2 t-shirt (on the left) is $27 and is also available in Player 1 designs and kid’s sizes ($25)
This 64-bit inspired adults t-shirt is $35
This Japanese adults t-shirt is $35
This Japanese enemy t-shirt is $35

Mario Kart Reusable Bag – $5

These are currently only available in one size and design.

Bumbag – $28

Sadly we only saw bumbags available in this Japanese Bowser design.

Cross Body Bag – $45

Cross-body bags are currently only available in this 64-bit Mario design.

Mini Backpack – $65

While there are other, larger backpacks available (see below). This is the only design available in the mini backpack style.

Backpack – $50

Larger backpacks are currently available in three different designs and cost $50 each.

Tote Bag – $24

Sadly, we only found tote bags available in this one Japanese Bowser style.

Drawstring Bag – $28

These are currently only available in multiple designs including; Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and Princess Peach.

Small Plush / Soft Toy – $20

These small plushes come in multiple different designs including both main characters and enemies.

Toad Puppet – $25

We’re not entirely sure why, but the Toad puppet is $8 cheaper than the Mario puppet despite being the exact same size.

Mario Puppet – $33

The puppet is on the left, and the medium Mario plush toy is on the right ($30)

Medium Plush / Soft Toy – $30

The medium Mario plush is on the right, and the Mario puppet (see above) is on the right.

These medium plushes are available in multiple different character designs including; Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and more…

Large Mario Plush / Soft Toy – $60

This large Mario plush is rather heavy and is available for $60 – we could only find Mario in this larger plush design.

Peaches Castle 3D Model – $12

This 3D metal model is currently only available in a Princess Peach design.

Yoshi Stacking Game – $35

This stacking game is only available in this Yoshi design.

Super Mario Figures – $25

These figures are not exclusive to Super Nintendo World and can also be purchased online as well as in multiple stores (Target, Walmart etc.)

Exclusive Figures – $37

These exclusive Super Nintendo World figures currently come in three different designs; Mario, Yoshi and Chef Toad.

10 Piece Acorn Plains Playset – $37

This playset is not exclusive to Super Nintendo World and can also be purchased online as well as in multiple stores (Target, Walmart etc.)

4 Figure Multi-Pack – $50

This Mushroom Kingdom multi-pack of figures is not exclusive to Super Nintendo World and can be purchased online as well as in-store at stores such as Target and Walmart.

Multi-Use Decal Sheet – $11

This multi-use decal sheet is only available in one set of designs.

Metal Signs – $22

We found these metal signs in two different designs, each costing $22.

Question Mark & Star Convertable Cushion – $30

This cushion converts from the question mark block into a star using a zipper on the back.

Super Mario Light – $40

This item is not exclusive to Super Nintendo World and can also be purchased online or in stores outside of Universal.

Question Block Lamp – $40

This item is not exclusive to Super Nintendo World and can also be purchased online or in stores outside of Universal.

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  1. Hello. I just stumbled upon this as I was trying to find Yoshi merchandise at Universal. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. People had them on during our visit, but they weren’t currently on sale. So I assume during our visit they were sold out 🙁

  2. I fr appreciate you going out of your guys’ way to post all of this! I’ll be at Nintendo World in two days and this was a huge help! Thank you sm!

  3. Me and my sister are going to Universal tomorrow so it’s nice to see what we will be throwing our money at. Thanks for taking the time to put all these pictures up!

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