Universal Studios Hollywood Refillable Popcorn Bucket – The Complete Guide

Universal Studios Hollywood has a refillable popcorn bucket programme that allows you to buy the bucket and get unlimited refills throughout the day.

Popcorn at Universal Studios Hollywood costs $5.99, while the cost of a refillable popcorn bucket depends on the exact design you purchase (circa $24.99 and $39.99). As such, a refillable popcorn bucket is likely only good value for money if you’re looking for a cool popcorn bucket as a souvenir.

That’s because based on our calculations you’d need to purchase at least four portions of popcorn in a single day equal the cost of a souvenir popcorn bucket (based on the $24.99 value).

Where Can You Purchase Popcorn Buckets

Popcorn buckets are sold in various locations across the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

However, not all designs are sold in the same place.

As such if you’re looking for a specific popcorn bucket design it’s instead worth researching where within the park you’re able to purchase that popcorn bucket in advance.

The latest popcorn bucket designs are often available to purchase in the main Universal stores at the park entrance.

While themed popcorn buckets are available in the area associated with that film, tv-show or character within the park.

For example, popcorn buckets featuring Minions are often found in the Minions store at the back of the Despicable Me ride.

While popcorn buckets featuring characters from The Secret Life of Pets are more likely to be found at the store behind The Secret Life of Pets ride.

Where Can You Get Your Popcorn Bucket Refilled?

Popcorn buckets are eligible for refills at any location that sells hot and fresh popcorn.

Simply provide the cashier with your receipt and they’ll provide you with a bag of popcorn that you’re able to pour into your popcorn bucket.

Is There A Limit On How Many Popcorn Refills You Can Have?

There is no limit on how many popcorn refills you can get with your popcorn bucket, however, the refills have to take place on the day of purchase.

As such we recommend purchasing your popcorn bucket as you arrive at the park so that you’re able to maximise the refills throughout the day.

Refills now come in a plastic baggy for health and safety reasons that you will then transfer into the popcorn bucket yourself.

In our case, we purchased the star popcorn bucket from the new Super Nintendo World and found that a single refill bag was enough to fill the star three times over.

How Many Different Popcorn Bucket Designs Are There?

Universal continues to release new popcorn bucket designs for fans to collect.

The latest additions include a special Lunar New Year Minions car popcorn bucket and the light-up star popcorn bucket from the Super Nintendo World area of the park.

Can You Re-Use Popcorn Buckets?

While you are able to re-use your popcorn bucket on multiple trips to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park you will not be able to benefit from free refills.

Instead will need to purchase popcorn at the retail price ($5.99) for you to then transfer into your souvenir popcorn bucket.

Can You Share Popcorn Refills?

We have never seen any associated terms and conditions regarding the popcorn buckets and the refills aside from the refills being limited to the day of purchase.

As such if you’re happy to share your popcorn refills with friends and family within your party then this can be a great way for you to maximise the value of your purchase.

Does An Annual Pass Discount Work On Popcorn Buckets?

Annual pass-holder discounts will work on eligible popcorn buckets.

Right now, that’s typically all popcorn buckets available inside Universal Studios Hollywood except for the star – given that annual pass holder discounts do not include any Super Nintendo World merchandise at this time.

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