15 Best Universal Studios Souvenirs You Should Buy

Souvenirs and photographs are in our opinion one of the best ways to remember an epic trip to Universal Studios. However, with such an incredible range of souvenirs to choose from, deciding what souvenir(s) to spend your money on can be incredibly difficult.

Thankfully, having been to both the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando multiple times and being annual passholders at Universal Studios Hollywood we have a lot of experience when it comes to buying epic souvenirs.

This list isn’t in any particular order and covers souvenirs that can be purchased from both Universal Studios Resort in Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.

1. Interactive Wand

There are three different types of wands you can buy at Universal Studios;

  • Toy Wand
  • Interactive Wand
  • Collectable Wand

The interactive wands are the most popular and in our opinion the best since they can not only be a fantastic souvenir but used with interactive elements to cast spells within the Wizarding World areas of the park.

Interactive wands cost $59 plus tax and come in 26 different styles representing some of the most beloved characters from the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts franchise.

If you’re looking to display the wand on your return home consider also investing in a wand stand for an additional $35 plus tax.

2. Hogwarts Robe

Another fantastic souvenir for fans of Harry Potter is the incredible Hogwarts robes that come in designs to represent all four houses.

Robes can be purchased from the main Universal Studio store at CityWalk and at the entrance of the parks as well as across various locations within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts robes cost $139 plus tax and come in both adult and kids sizes. These are certainly one of the most expensive souvenirs not just on this list but at Universal Studios as a whole.

3. Character Mugs

Remember your incredible trip to Universal Studios over your morning cup of coffee thanks to an awesome character mug. Character mugs are one of the most popular souvenirs to purchase at Universal Studios and retail for between $20 and $30 plus tax depending on the design.

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4. T-shirt

T-shirts are a fantastic souvenir to pick up from Universal Studios since you can wear them inside the Universal Orlando theme parks, at home or on future visits to the resort.

There is an extensive range of t-shirt designs for some of the most popular Universal films and shows including; Harry Potter, Jurassic Park & Despicable Me. The cost of a t-shirt at Universal Studios varies depending on the design but you’re generally looking between $25 and $40 plus tax.

5. Plush

Plush toys are available in the form of some of the most popular and most beloved characters at Universal Studios including; Spongebob Squarepants, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park & Despicable Me.

While you’ll find the largest array of plush toys inside the main Universal Studio store at CityWalk and at the entrance to each of the parks you’ll also find the specialist range of plush toys inside each of the characters’ areas within the park.

As such if you’re looking for the largest selection of Spongebob Squarepants plush toys, or a specific plush toy from the Spongebob Squarepants series then I’d suggest heading to the Bikini Bottom area of the park.

The cost of plush toys at Universal Studios varies significantly depending on the character, size and style of the toy with prices starting from around $20 plus tax.

6. Lanyard

Lanyards are another incredibly popular souvenir that you can purchase from Universal Studios. Unsurprisingly the most popular designs are Harry Potter themed with the colours of each Hogwarts house available. However, other designs are available.

We’ve found that lanyards are a popular souvenir given their practicality both inside and outside of the parks making them perfect for safely storing room keys and park tickets while on vacation.

Lanyards cost between $13 and $15 each plus tax depending on the design with the lanyard punches costing either $1, $5 or $8 plus tax once again depending on the design.

7. Keyring

Keyrings are one of the most affordable souvenirs to purchase at the parks and as such perfect for those looking to visit Universal Studios on a budget.

There are hundreds of different keyring designs to choose from covering all of the most popular Universal Studios films and TV shows. Keyrings can be purchased from the vast majority of stores across the park and retail for around $12 plus tax depending on the design.

8. Souvenir Sipper

Souvenir sippers are a fantastic souvenir given that they can be used both inside the parks on your current and any future trips, as well as back home.

Universal Studios Hollywood is home to Super Nintendo World which boasts an extensive range of Super Nintendo souvenirs for guests to enjoy.

Souvenir sippers are not as financially economical as the traditional Universal refillable cups, and instead cost $18 plus tax and include a complimentary fill. Any additional refills of the souvenir sipper then come at the standard menu price.

Souvenir sippers can be purchased at most drinks carts as well as inside the majority of the stores inside the park.

9. Baby Onesie

If you’re travelling to Universal Studios with a little one, or are looking to purchase a souvenir to take home to a current or future baby then consider picking up an incredibly cute baby onesie.

The designs of the baby onesies are limited when compared to other souvenirs at Universal Studios, however, what is available is super cute! Baby onesies are available in sizes from 0 months to 12 months and retail for $24.95 plus tax.

10. Duff Beer

There are copious amounts of food and drink available to purchase at Universal Studios, however, the majority has to be consumed that day.

Luckily, there are a select number of food and drink items that can be saved and safely taken home with you. One such item is a can of Duff Beer made famous by none other than Homer Simpsons.

While Duff Beer, maybe called Duff Beer it’s still non-alcoholic and instead sparkling orange. Cans of Duff Beer retail for $4.29 plus tax and can only be found in The Simpsons area of Universal Studios.

11. Gringotts Banknote

One souvenir that’s rarely spoken about is a Gringotts banknote. These notes can be exchanged on a 1:1 ratio from dollars starting at $10 and can be used inside the park at any food or merchandise stand for goods. However, these banknotes can also be taken home and framed as a memory from your trip.

Gringotts banknotes can only be purchased from Gringotts, which in itself is an incredible experience. So even if you don’t want to take the banknote home with you, consider buying one and spending it elsewhere in the park just for fun!

12. Books

There are a number of different books you can purchase inside Universal Studios. Most notably the Harry Potter series (in a variety of cover designs) and Dr Suess’s books.

The cost of a book starts at around $10 plus tax, with collectors sets going for upwards of $100 plus tax.

13. Chocolate

There are a variety of different chocolate items you can purchase inside Universal Studios as a souvenir to take home either for yourself or others.

These include chocolate bars with Universal Studios character designs or chocolate items such as the Chocolate Frog (complete with collectable trading card) as seen in Harry Potter from stores inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The cost of a character-covered chocolate bar at Universal Studios starts at $8 plus tax and increases to upwards of $15 depending on the style, size and design.

14. Backpack

If you’re a fan of a cute backpack (or two) then Universal Studios could be the perfect place to pick up a new one for your collection.

There are a variety of styles and designs stocked across the park including traditional backpacks and the smaller Loungefly bags. Backpacks start at $35 plus tax in Universal Studios and increase as high as $90 plus tax depending on the brand, style, size and design.

15. Pin Badges

Pin badges are one of the smallest and most affordable souvenirs you can purchase at Universal Studios.

They come in an extensive range of designs, can be picked up from most stores around the park and usually retail for around $9.99 plus tax.

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