Is Universal Studios Hollywood Open on Thanksgiving?

Universal Studios Hollywood is open from 9:00am on Thanksgiving. The park then remains open until 9:00pm or 10:00pm, depending on the day of the week Thanksgiving is on.

Thanksgiving is one of Universal Studios Hollywood’s busiest days. The theme park has been known to reach capacity before lunch, so I recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment.

If you don’t like crowds or are travelling on a budget, Thanksgiving is a bad time to visit. Universal Studios Hollywood uses a dynamic pricing model to set ticket prices. This means the cost of the tickets is higher or lower depending on the anticipated crowd levels.

Since the crowd levels are expected to be high, tickets are more expensive than usual. Crowds also mean long lines so you may also want a Universal Express Pass – especially if you only have one day at the theme park.

Again, Universal Express Passes are also sold using a dynamic pricing model. Plus, if you’re staying overnight, you’ll typically find hotels are more expensive too.

Entry into Universal Hollywood on Thanksgiving is currently available for all annual passholders. No level of annual pass has a black-out date. However, Black Friday is blacked out for all annual passholders except those holding the Platinum Annual Pass.

Sadly, Universal Studios Hollywood doesn’t decorate, especially for Thanksgiving. However, the theme park decorates for the holidays during the first and second weeks of November, so you should see holiday decor.

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