Universal Studios Orlando Food Prices & Dining Options

On my recent visit to the Universal Orlando Resort (Jan 2024), the cost of popular food and drink items from quick-service locations was as follows:

  • Bottles of beer – $10.50
  • Alcoholic cocktails served in a souvenir cup – $14.50
  • Single-serve soda – $4.49
  • Bottle of Powerade – $5.50
  • Meatball bowl – $15.49
  • Turkey or Veggie Wrap – $10.49
  • Tropical fruit salad – $8.49
  • California roll – $13.99

The food and drink prices I’ve recorded at Universal Orlando have stayed the same since 2022. However, prices are still inflated when compared to similar restaurants in Orlando.

The prices listed above are for quick-service locations only. These are the equivalent of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.

The exact price you pay for food will depend on what you order and where you eat. For example, a burger and fries at Krusty Burger at Universal Studios Florida will cost less than at the Hard Rock Café at Universal CityWalk.

Therefore you’ll need to budget at least an extra 50% for entrees at table-service restaurants, as well as a tip for your server.

How Much to Budget for Food at Universal Orlando

I recommend budgeting $50 per person daily for food at Universal Orlando.

The $50 budget is based on:

  • Quick service lunch
  • Table service dinner
  • Snack
  • Universal Freestyle cup or Starbucks

Here’s an example of how I would spend $50 on food and drink at Universal Orlando:

  • Cold Brew from Starbucks – $4.29
  • Tacos Pollo from Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck – $11.99
  • Fountain Soda – $4.29
  • Butterbeer ice cream from Florean Fortescue’s – $5.99
  • Smokehouse Stack from NBC Sports Grill & Brew – $17.95
  • Fountain Soda – $4.29

Combined, this comes out to $48.53 before tax and gratuity. Therefore, if I wanted to enjoy a starter or dessert with dinner or even an extra drink or snack throughout the day, I’d need to budget closer to $60 or $65.

During my most recent visit to Universal Orlando (Jan 2024), I spent an average of $112 on food per day for our family of 3. However, this is predominantly because my little boy was only 18 months old. As such, he’s not eating meals of his own and instead eating from what we order.

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