What Happens When It Rains at Universal Studios Hollywood

While LA enjoys year-round sunshine, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience bad weather on a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. In fact, as an annual pass holder, I’ve been at the theme park in bad weather several times.

Universal Studios Hollywood will open when it rains, with rides in full operation.

However, outdoor rides and shows may be suspended due to lightning, thunder, or high winds. This is done on a case-by-case basis for the health and safety of guests and staff.

Most indoor rides at Universal Studios Hollywood can remain in operation during lightning, thunder, or high winds. However, since outdoor rides are restricted, the wait time for rides indoors typically increases.

Cancelling & Refunds From Universal for Bad Weather

Universal Studios Hollywood doesn’t offer a refund, rain check or compensation for rain or bad weather.

As such, research the best time to visit Universal Studios Hollywood in advance to minimise the impact of bad weather on your day.

The only exception to this rule is if the theme park has to close. Unlike at Universal Orlando, a state of emergency at Universal Studios Hollywood is unheard of. As such, there is no public or historical information about the procedure if this happens.

If you’re visiting Universal during a state of emergency, check the theme park’s social channels for the latest information.

Preparing for a Trip to Universal Studios Hollywood in Bad Weather

Let me set the scene. You’re due to go to Universal Studios Hollywood tomorrow. You check the weather, and bam! Rain! What do you do?

Well, the best way to avoid bad weather ruining a trip to Universal is to be prepared for it.

  1. Review your Universal Studios Hollywood outfit to ensure it’s still suitable.
  2. Pack a poncho or raincoat.
  3. Plan to arrive at the theme park early or late to avoid the rain.
  4. Have a plan for what you will do when the rain does arrive.
  5. Pack a change of clothes to change into if or when it dries up.
  6. Bring a carrier bag for your wet clothes.

What to Do When It’s Rains at Universal Studios Hollywood

Here’s my go-to strategy for when it rains at Universal Studios Hollywood.

  • Grab a bite to eat: Universal Studios Hollywood has some great restaurants. These can be the perfect hide-out spot during lousy weather.
  • Enjoy indoor attractions: Universal has plenty of indoor rides that aren’t affected by rain.
  • Go shopping: Rain is the perfect excuse to go and find that ideal Universal Studios souvenir.
  • Embrace the rain: Give up on attempting to stay dry and instead continue making the most of your day at Universal.

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