How Long Do MagicBands Last?

Wondering if your old Disney MagicBand still works? Disney says the battery of MagicBands is designed to last two years. However, the two MagicBands I bought in 2017 still worked on my most recent trip (Jan 2024).

I have used my DisneyMagic bands on several trips a year between 2017 and my most recent trip in 2024, excluding 2020 and 2021. So my MagicBands have had both constant use and also remained idle for several years at a time.

Unfortunately, there is no way of testing whether your MagicBand works ahead of time. As such, if you have a MagicBand at home, you’ll have to take it with you on vacation to see if it still works.

Reusing a MagicBand From a Previous Disney Trip

If your MagicBand still works, you can reuse it at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

To use your MagicBand to enter the theme park, you must connect your MagicBand to your theme park tickets. You can do this on the My Disney Experience website or mobile app.

How to Test if Your MagicBand Still Works

You can not test to see if your MagicBands in advance of your trip. Instead, you’ll only know if your MagicBand still works at a touch point at Disneyland or Disney World.

The first touch point at Walt Disney World or Disneyland is usually at the theme park entrance. If your MagicBand doesn’t work here, it can lead to long delays as you won’t be able to enter the theme park.

If you are unsure if your MagicBand still works, have your park ticket or annual pass ready at the park entrance. This way, you can enter the park without delay and then look at replacing your MagicBand.

Replacing the Battery in a Disney MagicBand

Batteries in a Disney MagicBand are single-use and can not be replaced. If your MagicBand is no longer working, you will need to buy an entirely new unit.

However, if your MagicBand is less than two years old, the device could be considered faulty. In this case, you could speak to a cast member who can assist you in getting a replacement.

The cast member will check the unit’s serial number to see when it was released or connected to a My Disney Experience account. All of this is done at a cast member’s discretion.

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