How Do Florida Resident Universal Tickets Work?

Florida residents can buy Universal Orlando tickets at a discount. However, the exact promotion and subsequent discount changes throughout the year.

The current Universal Orlando promotion for Florida residents is buy one day, get two free. This offer is available until June 2024. At this point, the promotion will likely change. You can see these offers on the Universal Orlando tickets promotion page.

How Do You Buy Universal Studios Florida Resident Tickets?

You can only buy Universal Orlando, Florida resident tickets on the Universal website.

Proving You’re a Florida Resident to Universal Orlando

To buy and use a Florida resident ticket for Universal Orlando, you need to prove you’re a resident of the state of Florida. Eligible Florida residency documentation includes:

  • Florida drivers licence
  • Florida State ID card (which must have a Florida address)
  • Florida voter’s registration card with corresponding photo ID
  • College or university ID from any school in Florida

Universal Orlando Florida Resident Tickets FAQs

Here are some of the most asked questions visitors have about Universal Orlando Florida resident tickets:

  • A Florida resident can buy up to 15 Universal Studios tickets per year.

  • You can’t buy Florida resident tickets for Universal Orlando to give to friends and family visiting from out-of-state. All guests over 18 must provide a valid Florida ID with a Florida resident ticket to enter Universal Orlando.

  • Unfortunately, Florida residents do not get a discount on parking at Universal Orlando.

  • Florida residents can get discounts on Universal Orlando annual passes. The discount varies depending on the type of annual pass you’re looking to buy.

  • Florida residents can get substantial discounts for hotel stays at the Universal Orlando Resort.

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