Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It? (2024)

Capturing memories at the most magical place on earth is something we all aim to do on our trip and luckily, Disney has taken the hassle out of doing so with the Disney Memory Maker.

Disney Memory Maker is a service that allows you to have photos taken by professional Disney photographers in various locations across the resort.

A Disney Memory Maker costs $169 if purchased in advance and $199 at the gate. While a Disney Memory Maker is incredibly expensive it’s often worth the money if you’re visiting for multiple days or are on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

A Disney Memory Maker can be used for up to two weeks.

As such if you’re on a longer vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort you’re likely to better value for money from the service when compared to someone only visiting for a couple of days.

What Is Disney Memory Maker?

The Disney Memory Maker is a photography service that allows you to collect an unlimited number of PhotoPass photos taken throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Once the service has been purchased these photos can then be downloaded for free or made into a photo album for an additional cost.

How Much Does Disney Memory Maker Cost?

Up until three days prior to your vacation, the Disney Memory Maker costs $169.

However, after this, if you want to purchase the Disney Memory Maker then it’ll cost $199.

Is The Disney Memory Maker Worth It?

Sadly, there’s not a straight-forward answer to this question.

Instead, it depends on a number of factors including how many people you’re travelling with and how long you’re visiting Walt Disney World for.

Disney Memory Maker Is Worth It For…

In our experience the Disney Memory Maker is best suited to;

Those Travelling In Large Groups

Since just one person needs to purchase the Memory Maker in order to take advantage of the service, you can share the cost between the group and all benefit from the photos.

Those Visting Walt Disney World For 5 Days +

The more time you spend at Walt Disney World the more photographs you’re likely to take.

As such someone visiting the theme parks for five days is likely to get significantly more value from the Memory Maker than someone just visiting for one.

Once In A Lifetime Trips

If this trip to Walt Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience then no doubt capturing as many magical memories as possible is going to be high on your list.

Given how easy a Memory Maker makes this then it’s likely going to be a worthwhile purchase.

Disney Memory Maker Isn’t Worth It For…

In our experience, the Disney Memory Maker likely isn’t worthwhile if you;

Don’t Like Having Your Photo Taken

If you don’t enjoy having your photo taken, then you’re unlikely to want to stand and wait to have your photo taken at Walt Disney World by a Disney photographer.

As such the Memory Maker is likely not going to be a worthwhile investment for you, and instead the money is probably spent better on some incredible souvenirs or delicious park food.

Are Travelling On A Budget

The $169, or subsequent $199 charge for a Memory Maker can be a lot for those travelling on a budget.

This is roughly 8 to 10 quick-service meals inside the parks or one night at a Disney value resort.

As such if you’re travelling on a budget then the cost of a Memory Maker may be better spent on those essentials instead.

Are Only Visiting For A Day (Or Two!)

The longer you spend at the Walt Disney World Resort the more photographs you’re likely to take.

As such those only visiting Walt Disney World for one or two days are unlikely to get as much value from the Memory Maker when compared to someone visiting for five or six days.

Does Only One Person Need The Memory Maker?

Thankfully, only one person in your family or group needs to purchase a Memory Maker for you all to benefit from the photographs.

When photos are taken they’ll be attached to that person’s My Disney Experience account (whether they are in the photograph or not).

Within My Disney Experience, you can link friends under the “Friends and Family” area.

This then allows your friends and family to scan either their theme park ticket or MagicBand and have their photos linked to the Memory Maker.

Alongside this it also allows your friends and family (up to 25 people in total) to go into their own My Disney Experience and download their photos – meaning that you don’t have to download them all and send them to the relevant people.

How Does The Memory Maker Work?

Once you’ve purchased the Memory Maker you’ll be able to link the service to your My Disney Experience account.

When you arrive at Walt Disney World you’ll need to find an eligable PhotoPass photographer or PhotoPass location.

With a PhotoPass photographer you’ll be asked to scan either your MagicBand or park ticket first, and then have your photographs taken.

With a PhotoPass location (such as a character meet and greet or on a ride) you’ll have your photos taken and then be asked to scan either your MagicBand or park ticket.

Then, within a couple of hours, your photographs will appear inside the ‘Photos’ area of the My Disney Experience.

These can then be downloaded for free either using your mobile device.

How Does Memory Maker Work Without A MagicBand?

Using a Memory Maker is significantly easier with a MagicBand.

Simply approach the photographer, have your MagicBand scanned, take the photos and said photos will then appear on your My Disney Experience account within a few hours.

However, if you don’t have a MagicBand then you can still use the Memory Maker.

In these cases, you’ll approach the photographer and have your PhotoPass card or your theme park admission card scanned by the photographer instead of your MagicBand.

Provided that your PhotoPass card or theme park admission card is linked to your My Disney Experience account then the photos will once again appear in your account within a couple of hours.

If you struggle to use the My Disney Experience application or have any problems with the Disney Memory Maker then Guest Services at the entrance of each of the Walt Disney World theme parks will be able to assist you further.

What’s The Difference Between PhotoPass & Memory Maker?

Two words that are used interchangeably when discussing photos at Disney are the Disney PhotoPass and the Disney Memory Maker.

While these words are used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

Instead, PhotoPass is the service that is used to take photos inside the park. As such you’ll see Disney PhotoPass locations.

Meanwhile, Memory Maker is the service that allows you to download these photos for a fixed price.

Anyone can have a photograph taken by the PhotoPass photographers with or without a Memory Maker.

If you don’t have a Memory Maker linked to your account you’ll still be able to view the photographs taken.

However, you will not be able to download them without paying to download a single photograph or purchasing the Memory Maker service.

Can You Buy The Disney Memory Maker After Your Trip?

You are able to purchase the Memory Maker after your trip, and then go ahead and download the Disney PhotoPass photos.

However, your PhotoPass photos are only stored for 45 days after your trip. After this, the photos are deleted from the Disney servers.

As such it’s incredibly important you decide whether you want to purchase the Memory Maker after your trip quickly, so you’re able to download all the photos before they expire.

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