11 Best Rides At Legoland Windsor For Kids (2024)

Legoland Windsor is a family-friendly theme park attraction that primarily markets itself to families with children between the ages of three and eleven.

We have visited Legoland Windsor several times now, and we’re yet to do everything inside the theme park in one day – even when visiting on quieter days out of the peak season.

Subsequently, when planning your trip to Legoland Windsor we recommend researching the best rides for your family so that you can experience the very best that this incredible theme park has to offer without disappointment.

1. Lego City Driving School

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Lego City
πŸ“ Height Requirement: Between 1.1m and 1.5m

The Lego City Driving School has long been one of the most popular rides at the Legoland Windsor Resort.

After watching a short safety demonstration, kids can experience the fun of driving a car on a specially designed track, learning the basics of driving and road safety. The ride replicates real-life driving situations, complete with road signs, roundabouts, and junctions.

Despite driving quads and four-wheelers in the past, this ride was still one that our 8-year-old nephew Frankie loved on one of our most recent trips to Legoland Windsor.

At the end of the ride, kids will all earn a Legoland Driving Licence. This can be upgraded to a souvenir with a photograph and exclusive lanyard from Β£10.99.

For children between 0.9 and 1.1m tall there is the L-Drivers which is located just opposite the Lego City Driving School. This smaller track is perfect for younger drivers and still allows them to drive a car independently.

2. Hydra’s Challenge

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Lego Mythica
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1m

Hydra’s Challenge is one of the newest arrivals at the Legoland Windsor theme park and is located within the Lego Mythica area of the park.

This ride sees you go on a jet-boat pod, kind of like a jet ski which is attached to a turn table that combined with the onboard steering wheel allows you to twist and turn around the water creating waves.

You are likely to get wet when going on and watching this ride. However, the amount you get wet is typically minimal when compared to other water-based rides at Legoland (such as Pirate Falls Treasure Quest).

3. The Dragon

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Knights Kingdom
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1m

The Dragon is the scariest ride at Legoland Windsor and the theme park’s only major rollercoaster. Throughout this ride, you’ll soar past mythical creatures alongside incredible castles – all made from Lego, of course.

However, as with most rollercoasters soaring alongside mythical creatures and castles, there are some lumps and bumps and dramatic stops along the way.

There aren’t any loops on The Dragon, nor do you go upside down. However, there are a few small drops which, alongside The Dragon theme, may scare some younger children.

If you think this ride might be a little scary for younger guests, consider checking out the Dragons Apprentice ride. It’s got the same theme but is designed for younger park visitors.

4. Mia’s Riding Adventure

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Heartlake City
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1.2m

Mia’s Riding Adventure is a carousel-style ride with Mia (from the Lego Friends franchise) as your guide. The horses go around in a circle and up and down making it one of the more stomach-churning rides at Legoland Windsor.

There are several restaurants at Legoland Windsor in this area. However, given the nature of this ride, I recommend eating after, rather than before.

This ride is best suited to slightly older children for a couple of reasons. Firstly, only one person is permitted on each of the horses. Therefore, if you’re a parent wanting to go on with your child, then you’ll each have to have a separate horse.

While the horses can be next to each other, the distance may make it difficult for you to comfort your child as you could on many of the other rides if they get scared or upset.

Second, there is a part of the ride where Mia disappears from the horse and then reappears in front of you which did scare our seven-year-old niece during one of our most recent trips to Legoland.

5. Jolly Rocker

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Pirate Shores
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1m

The Jolly Rocker is located within the Pirate Shores area of the Legoland Windsor theme park and is designed as a swinging pendulum that sees you board a pirate ship and rock from end to end.

Given the format of this ride, those sitting at the edge of the ship will go quite high at certain points, while those in the middle won’t experience as much of a thrill.

As a result, if you’re travelling with older kids I recommend sitting at the edge to maximise the thrilling experience. However, if you’re travelling with younger children who may be a little apprehensive the middle of the ship will likely be the better option.

6. Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Pirate Shores
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1m

Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest is one of the best rides at Legoland Windsor and regularly has a wait time of one hour or more. As such if this is a ride you want to go on during your trip to Legoland then I recommend heading here as soon as the park opens.

However, be warned, this is a log flume ride and you will get wet, very wet. Regardless of where you sit.

As you might expect, given this ride’s name, it is pirate-themed, and while the pirate figures aren’t too intimidating, some younger kids may find these characters scary.

One of the best Legoland tips I have for going on this ride early in the day is that at the exit there are human dryers which you can use for an additional fee.

Typically there’s a short wait to use these, however, they are worth it for drying off and allowing you to experience the rest of your day at Legoland dry, and in comfort.

7. Flight of The Sky Lion

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Mythica
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1m

The Flight of The Sky Lion is the UK’s first-ever flying theatre which has been designed to demonstrate what it would be like to join the mythical sky lion creature on a flight through canyons, over vast expanses of water, and into fire-filled caves.

I wanted to label this ride as 4D given the movements that you experience alongside the wind, mist and smell effects. However, there aren’t any 3D glasses or 3D effects, therefore it really is just a flying theatre.

That being said, the animation is incredible and being that it’s one of the newest rides at Legoland Windsor it’s incredibly modern in both theming and technology.

8. Haunted House Monster Party

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Lego City
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 0.9m

Haunted House Monster Party sees you be invited into Vampire’s Haunted Mansion for, unsurprisingly a monster party. You’ll begin by walking through the mansion itself before taking a seat at the grand banquet table.

At this point, a staff member will bring the lap bars down, and Vampire will go ahead and reveal his greatest party trick, using a potion to turn the house upside down.

In reality, this ride uses illusions and movements to make you feel as if you’re going upside down. However, since you’re only supported by a lap bar this isn’t ever the case.

That being said, the illusion element combined with brief moments of darkness can make this ride scary for younger children and leave others feeling nauseous.

9. Lego City Deep Sea Adventure

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Lego City
πŸ“ Height Requirement: None

Lego City Deep Sea Adventure takes you inside a submarine on an adventure below the ocean where you’ll have the opportunity to see some incredible sea creatures including; sharks, singrays and even a Lego Minifigure or two.

The special effects such as strobe lighting, bubbles and noises really make it feel as if the submarine is diving under the water. However, in reality, only the bottom part of the ride vehicle is submerged at any given time.

This also means that the windows in the submarine are low down on the bottom half of the vehicle, which can make for an uncomfortable viewing experience for adults.

With no height requirement, this is one of the best Legoland Windsor rides for the whole family.

However, younger guests may find the experience scary given that the ride takes place in a confined submarine with a maximum of 14 people and sees you come face to face with what may have previously been described as dangerous underwater animals.

If you’ve been to Legoland Windsor previously, you might recognise this ride under a different name since it was rebranded in March 2020, replacing Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

10. Spinning Spider

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Land of the Vikings
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 0.9m

The Spinning Spider is one of the best Legoland rides and a combination of a teacup ride and a merry-go-round which has been themed around a spider spinning a web.

Throughout this ride you’re spinning on three different axes, only one of which you can control. Which unsurprisingly, leads to a lot of spinning.

Subsequently, if you’re planning on going on this ride during a trip to Legoland then I highly recommend doing so on a relatively empty stomach. In our experience, while this ride is a lot of fun, we’re all grateful it’s over by the end of it.

11. Lego Ninjago The Ride

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location: Lego Ninjago
πŸ“ Height Requirement: 1.2m

The Lego Ninjago Ride has one of the tallest height requirements in all of Legoland at 1.2m and sees you battle through ice, wind and fire with the Ninjago heroes.

When it comes to Legoland rides, in our opinion this is one of the most modern and technologically advanced.

The ride features motion sensor technology that allows you to wave your hands in the air to throw virtual fireballs, ice, lightning and shockwaves towards the enemy.

This combined with the 4D effects creates an incredibly immersive, interactive dark ride experience unlike any other in the park.

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