6 Best Restaurants at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

There are 20 restaurants and 28 food stalls at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Each location has themed dishes and snacks for you to enjoy during your day at the theme park, but which is best?

As a Universal Orlando annual passholder, I visit Islands of Adventure many times a year. Here are the places I recommend.

1. Mythos

The award-winning Mythos is the best place to eat at Islands of Adventure. Situated in The Los Continent area of the theme park, Mythos serves Mediterranean, Asian and American dishes.

Mythos is a table-service restaurant. Subsequently, dining here costs more than other food spots at Islands of Adventure. Approximate prices are:

  • Starters – $14
  • Mains – $26
  • Desserts – $8
  • Soft Drinks – $5
  • Alcoholic Drinks – $14

Given the popularity of Mythos, I recommend reserving a table in advance if you want to eat here.

2. The Burger Digs

The Burger Digs is a fast-food restaurant inside the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. This makes The Burger Digs one of the largest dining areas at Islands of Adventure, so you should easily find a seat here.

The Burger Digs is one of several locations at Islands of Adventure to offer mobile ordering. With mobile ordering, you can order food online in advance without waiting in line.

If you want to eat healthy at Universal, then The Burger Digs has you covered with dishes that include:

  • Spring Salad: with fried or grilled chicken
  • Vegan Burger Platter

Meanwhile, with five drinks stations, this is the best place to grab a Universal Freestyle Cup refill.

3. Three Broomsticks

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then consider dining at the Three Broomsticks. This quick-service restaurant is at Hogsmeade, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter area at Islands of Adventure.

At the Three Broomsticks, you’ll find indoor and outdoor seating and a range of British cuisine, including Fish & Chips and Shepherd’s Pie.

The theme and attention to detail in the design of this restaurant is fantastic. Meanwhile, the addition of vegan and American dishes means there’s something here for everyone.

4. Comic Strip Cafe

The Comic Strip Cafe in Toon Lagoon is one of the most dated restaurants at Islands of Adventure. However, the broad appeal of affordable dishes here makes it something you may want to keep on your radar.

Healthy food options at Islands of Adventure’s Comic Strip Cafe include:

  • Chicken Caesar Salad Combo
  • Tropical Chicken Salad Combo
  • Fish Pita Platter

Comic Strip Cafe is also perfect for those with gluten intolerances, as gluten-free bread is available here.

5. Fire Eater’s Grill

One of the cheapest places to eat at Islands of Adventure is Fire Eater’s Grill. This counter-service restaurant is situated between Hogsmeade and Suess Landing and serves:

  • Gyros
  • Hot Dogs
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Salads

Entrees start at just $9.99, while combos are $12.79, and the food is delicious! However, there are two drawbacks to dining here.

First, there is no Coca-Cola Freestyle machine for refillable drinks nearby. Second, the seating is extremely limited.

In fact, the last time I dined here, there were just a handful of tables, all of which were outdoors. As such, finding somewhere to sit down to eat here may be difficult.

6. Thunder Falls Terrace

If you’re after the theme park staple of turkey legs, check out Thunder Falls Terrace. Situated inside the Jurrasic Park area, Thunder Falls Terrace is one of just two places you can get turkey legs at Islands of Adventure.

Turkey legs are sold here as a combo for $16.99 or a platter for $19.99. However, there are other foods available, including:

  • Chargrilled Ribs
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Chicken Wrap

There’s also plenty of seating here, the majority of which is inside, making it a great place to stop for lunch with the family.

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