Best Day to Visit Disneyland Paris (Updated for 2024)

The best day to visit Disneyland Paris theme is a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Many annual pass holders who live locally visit on the weekend. Meanwhile, many tourists, especially Europeans, travel to Disneyland Paris for a long weekend.

Benefits of Visiting Disneyland Paris Midweek

Visiting Disneyland Paris midweek doesn’t seem like a significant factor to consider. However, there are several benefits to doing so. They include:

Fewer Crowds

French locals and European tourists are less likely to visit the theme park midweek. As such, you’ll find that Disneyland Paris is quieter.

Sure, this means lower wait times (I’ll get onto that in more detail in a moment), but it also means a calmer, more relaxing park experience.

Lower Wait Times

Visiting Disneyland Paris midweek is great because wait times for everything are lower. This includes:

  • Parking & Transport
  • Security
  • Gate Entrance
  • Rides & Attractions
  • Character Meet & Greet
  • Food & Drink

But how much of a difference?

I visited Disneyland Paris on Wednesday and Saturday the same week. On Wednesday, I waited 20 minutes for Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, but I waited over an hour on Saturday for the same ride at roughly the same time.

Multiply these wait times across all rides at Disneyland, and you can see how visiting midweek can save you several hours.

Cheaper Ticket Prices

Disneyland Paris theme park ticket cost is based on a dynamic pricing model. This means the cost of park tickets varies depending on the anticipated demand.

This dynamic pricing model applies to all types of Disneyland Paris tickets. These include:

For example, a one-park, one-day ticket to Disneyland Paris from Tuesday to Thursday costs between €56 and €89. The same one-park, one-day ticket from Friday to Monday costs between €64 and €99.

Multiply these costs by several days or tickets if you’re visiting as a family and can see how the difference adds up.

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