Where Is Super Nintendo World Located (Inside Universal Studios Hollywood)

Super Nintendo World is a new land that has recently opened at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park after a number of years of construction.

Super Nintendo World is located in the lower lot at Universal Studios Hollywood, to the left of the Transformers Ride. As a result, it’s as far away from the entrance of the park as you can possibly get.

Walking from the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood to Super Nintendo World will take around 10 minutes (even when done at pace) and requires going down three escalators to navigate a drop of more than 200 feet between the Upper Lot and Lower Lot.

Quickest Way From Universal Hollywood Park Entrance To Super Nintendo World

The quickest way of going from the entrance at Hollywood Studios to Super Nintendo Worlds entrance is by walking in through the park’s main entrance and keeping right at the “Box Office Front of Line” bending around past The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Once you reach the now-closed Special Effects Show you’ll want to turn right into Springfield.

Walk through Springfield, until you reach The Simpson’s Ride.

Here you’ll want to take a left (note the sign above that says Lower Lot).

From here you’ll begin your journey down the three escalators to the Lower Lot.

⚠️ Note: If you are unable to take an escalator then you'll need to speak to one of the staff members at the top of the escalators who will direct you to the shuttle pick-up point. 

The shuttle runs between the Upper Lot and Lower Lot all day and takes roughly 6 minutes with an estimated 2 to 4-minute transfer time at either end. The shuttle can accommodate roughly 14 passengers or two, maybe three ECVs.

We were the only people on the shuttle during our trip. So if you have more accurate information based on your experience feel free to leave a comment below.

Once you reach the lower lot you’ll want to turn immediately right. You’ll pass The Mummy Ride on your right and see Transformers: The Ride in front.

Continue walking towards Transformers, and turn left just before the ride’s entrance.

Here you’ll see the warp pipe and the entrance to Super Nintendo World.

Can You Enter Super Nintendo World Without Going Into Universal Studios Hollywood?

Super Nintendo World is a part of the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and as such you need a Universal Studios Hollywood park ticket and have to enter through the park’s main entrance in order to visit the land.

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