What to Wear to Legoland Windsor

We visited Legoland Windsor earlier this year and planned a warm sunny day out but instead got a lot of rain instead. Luckily we packed for all weather and came prepared, but you might be wondering what you should pack and what to wear for a day at Legoland Windsor.

The best things to pack for a trip to Legoland are layers that can keep you warm and dry. Key things to remember are to wear clothes that are comfortable. Wear sensible shoes that are supportive, comfortable and easy to wear all day.

While summer is a perfect time to visit Legoland there is no guarantee that you won’t get caught in the rain.

Things To Consider When Packing For Legoland Windsor

Packing for any trip in England can be hard as you never quite know what conditions to expect.


Firstly one of the most important things to remember is Legoland Windsor is in England where the weather can be unpredictable. It is always best to prepare for all weather during your trip, depending on the time of year you go.

While spring/summer time is the best time to visit for weather conditions it can still change on the day. On our visit we were expecting glorious sunshine and a heatwave and infact we got rain all day and soggy shoes.

Packable coats such as raincoats or ponchos are perfect as they pack away small into your bag but are great for keeping you dry on rides or incase it rains.

Water Rides

While there aren’t many water rides at Legoland there are enough and something you should definitely think about when your kids are nagging to go on it.

There are a number of ways you can get around this, bring spare clothes for those that might get wet while on the ride, though the downside to this is you have to carry them around all day with you. Or alternatively, you can take a poncho to wear to cover you from getting soaked.


Comfort is very important as you are going to do plenty of walking around and Legoland Windsor has some steep hills going through the park. This can get very tiring and exhausting on your feet quickly so it is best to have comfortable shoes such as trainers for your day to Legoland Windsor.

When it comes to clothing you equally want to be comfortable, make sure you wear clothing that you find comfortable, is breathable and even dries quickly in case it rains.

If you are visiting Legoland Windsor for the day you might find you want to fit everything in and spend a lot of your time waiting in lines (though you can avoid this by buying the express passes for particular rides) your feet will get tired and sore quickly so sensible shoes are a must!

If you are taking young ones (4 and under) you might want to take a pushchair so that they have somewhere to sit and rest while you carry on exploring the rest of the park. Especially if you have older children that are still on the move this can make life much easier and more comfortable for you not having to carry them around.

What To Wear & Pack For Legoland Windsor In Autumn/ Winter

As winter is cold, rainy and often dark you might find some of these suggestions extremely helpful, especially when you get into the park and start exploring.

Waterproof Coat

The most important thing to wear is a waterproof coat, though we can often experience more cold weather than rainy weather it is still advisable to take a waterproof in the Autumn/Winter months.

Even if you have a thick coat that you think will be better to keep you warm, look at packing a poncho to throw over the top incase the rain really does come down. The last thing you want is a beautiful warm coat to turn into a soggy mess.

Personally I found layering up jackets and long sleeve t-shirt and jumpers with a waterproof layer on top was easier as I had the ability to remove a layer if I got too warm.

Waterproof Shoes/ Boots

I hate having soggy feet so an absolute must for me would be to have a good pair of waterproof shoes. You can find a number of styles, whether you have some at home or looking to buy some. Wellies are a good choice but they aren’t always that comfortable to walk in for long days.

If you can find a good pair of waterprrof trainers, boots or shoes that you own or can find in shops this will save you much stress and hassle throughout your day. These will also help keep your feet protected from the cold, supported for a long day exploring the park and to keep your feet from getting soggy.

Trousers/ Leggings

Depending on what you find most comfortable when going to a theme park will depend on what type of bottoms you choose to wear. Things such as jeans and joggers which are heavier materials are harder to dry once wet but can often be more comfortable and accessible.

Other items I would suggest are chino style trousers which are thinner and easier to dry once wet or leggings and sports trousers as these tend to be easy to dry once wet, breathable and extremely comfortable.

Long Sleeve T-shirts & Shirts

Depending on what type of comfort level you have might depend on whether you wear a normal short sleeve t-shirt or long sleeve. Make sure to check the weather for teh time you are there to make sure you are packing correctly.

If the weather is going to be fairly mild you might be able to get away with just a short sleece t-shirt and outer layers to stay warm and dry. Alternatively, if the weather looks to be quite cold I would suggest wearing a long sleeve t-shirt under the warmer layers.

Hoodies & Fleece Jumpers

Whether you personally prefer a fleece to a jersey hoodie or the otehr way around as long as the item keeps you warm, is comfortable and you can easily wear it all day it is a good choice to wear on your day out to Legoland Windsor.

Hoodies and fleece jumpers and jackets are great for wearing as a warm layer under a raincoat or jacket. you may find you get too warm later in the day and no longer need it or you may find your require it much later on.

Even if the day starts off nice, I would pack it into a backpack and have it with your ready in case the weather turns or you simply feel cold after going on that water ride 3 times.

These are perfect to have to hand as you can add them in, take them off and carry them around without too much added weight or bulk. They are a good staple to have during a trip to Legoland Windsor, I also like that you can wear them without the waterproof and still feel warm and protected.

What To Wear & Pack For Legoland Windsor In Spring/Summer

Spring and Summer in England can be beautiful and visiting a theme part in those months is the best time to go as you are more free to roam around and not worry about getting wet or feeling cold. Though that being said England can still be very unpredictable with the weather and can often change, even at the last minute so it is always best to be prepared.

With that in mind we were due to have sunshine and a nice warm day on our visit but actually got rain all day non stop and chilly weather so what we planned for quickly turned around on us. Thankfully we went prepared and managed to stay relatively dry.

Even when visiting in spring and summer when the weather is nicer it is still good to be prepared. The best way to do that is to wear layers that you can put on and take off weather dependent. That way you can wear nice summer clothes while its hot but have the backup of a raincoat in case it starts to drizzle.

Light Jackets & Jumpers

Though the weather can be glorious you might want to pack a light jacket or jumper for when on rides, if the weather changes or if the sun goes down in the evening and you are still at the park.

This can be anything you feel comfortable in but remember it needs to be something you don’t mind carrying or putting into your bag while your not wearing it or something that keeps you warm.

I would suggest taking something like a jumper, hoodie or fleece or even a denim jacket that can be easily thrown on to give you some cover and warmth while you explore the park.

Waterproof Coat Or Poncho

The most important part of an outfit for me is having access to a waterproof jacket, as this can be the make or break of your day and it can also save you having to buy ponchos within the park which can be expensive.

You can find a number of jackets and ponchos online and in shops that are light, easy to wear and carry and roll up pretty small to fit into a backpack or bag for the day. That way you don’t have to carry around anything too bulky or heavy but have the option to stay dry if the weather changes.

Trousers & Shorts/Skirts

Summer may bring hot weather so you can easily be prepared in shorts and skirts, though if you are getting on and off rides I would personally stick to shorts as they are much more covering, easier to wear when on rides and give you a better amount of comfort during the day.

Any shorts are great for wearing depending on what you are most comfortable in. Though light fabrics and cottons are better as they are light, easier to wear and will dry fast if they get wet.

Alternatively, trousers like linen trousers, sports trousers or even thin jersey trousers are great for warmer weather and even great if they get wet as they will dry faster than denim and heavy woven trousers. Again this can depend on what you find comfortable, these are simply some suggestions.

T-shirts & Vests

Having a base layer such as a t-shirt or vest is a great way of being able to wear just those items while the weather is hot but creates a great comfortable base layer for if the weather turns to rain.

Look to wear thin cotton t-shirts and vests as these will be the most comfortable to wear as they are breathable, will dry fairly fast and make for a great base layer.

If you are looking to go one step further look at wearing hiking, walking and sports t-shirts as these will be extremely breathable, easy to wear, non clingy (if you buy the right ones) and they dry super fast due to the material breakdown.

These are perfect if you don’t want to feel stuck in a heavy t-shirt as they are lightweight and easy to wear, they are also great for hot climates as they are meant to be breathable and also will dry extremely fast too incase they get wet on a ride or if it starts to rain.

Trainers & Sandals

Personally there only a few brands of sandals I would suggest buying and wearing to Legoland Windsor sue to the steep hills getting up and down and around the park it is extremely unsuitable for fllimsy footwear or high heels of any kind.

The best footwear is a supportive shoe such as a trainer, walking shoe or boot or something that is very much moulded and supportive to the foot. This is because you will do a lot of walking, up and down hills and will want something that is stable for getting on and off rides.

The types of sandals I would suggest are Birkenstock or Merrell. As these are the most durable, suitable and comforting to a lot of walking and moving around.

In terms of trainers or walking shoes, any that you have broken in, you are used to wearing and feel comfortable in are suitable. I wouldn’t advise buying new shoes for the trip as they will end up hurting your feet as you spend all day in them.

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