Can You Wear Mickey Ears At Universal Studios?

Universal Studios and The Walt Disney Company are not associated with each other. Yet their theme parks are within close proximity which often leaves many to visit a Disney park and a Universal park during the same trip.

As such, you may be wondering whether you can or should wear the iconic Mickey Mouse ears when visiting the Universal Studios theme parks.

You are permitted to wear Mickey Mouse ears (and other Disney merchandise) at Universal Studios provided that it meets the other clothing policy requirements of the park.

However, just because you can wear Mickey Mouse ears at Universal Studios, doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

That’s because it is possible you could receive verbal jabs and even some mocking by other guests or even some characters when wearing Disney merchandise during a visit to the Universal theme parks.

It’s important to note that the odds of this are incredibly low.

However, Universal has a variety of different franchises and branded merchandise available.

As such, we’d recommend not restricting yourself to just Disney merchandise during your trip and instead, saving some money for Universal clothes, accessories and souvenirs too.

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