Volcano Bay Lockers – Everything You Need To Know

Are you planning a trip to the Volcano Bay water park at Universal Orlando?

Then you’ll want to think about how you will safely store your belongings while on water slides, rapids or swimming.

Leaving clothes, shoes, and essential items on a sunbed near the water doesn’t feel like a big deal. However, the same can’t be said for important and expensive items such as a wallet, car keys or mobile phone.

Thankfully, Volcano Bay has several areas with lockers where you can safely store your personal belongings. I have used these lockers at Volcano Bay many times as they are affordable, easy to set up and easy to access throughout the day.

Does Volcano Bay Have Lockers?

There are four locker stations across the Volcano Bay waterpark:

  • Wave Village (East)
  • Wave Village (West)
  • Rainforest Village
  • River Village

The locker station at Volcano Bay offers three different locker sizes (mini, regular and family). Each locker station is also situated next to a restroom for getting changed.

Volcano Bay Locker Sizes & Cost

There are three different locker sizes available at the Volcano Bay water park;

  • Mini: These lockers measure 4.11″ x 5.52″ x 17.72″ and cost $10 daily. Mini lockers are perfect for small essentials such as mobile phones, cameras, car keys and a wallet.

  • Regular: These lockers measure 16.25″ x 12″ x 16.9″ and cost $16 daily. Regular lockers are the perfect size for a backpack.

  • Family: These lockers measure 12″ x 16.9″ x 24.3″ and cost $20 daily. Family lockers are the perfect size for two backpacks and some towels.

Since the cost of a locker increases based on size, it’s a good idea to bring just what you need to Volcano Bay. You can pay for lockers at Volcano Bay using a credit card or TapTu Pay with your TapuTapu device.

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