How Much Do Universal Studios Orlando Tickets Cost? (2023 & 2024)

It’s no secret that visiting Universal Studios Orlando can be expensive. One of the largest expenses your budget is likely to encounter is the cost of theme park tickets.

The exact cost of Universal Studios Orlando tickets varies depending on a number of factors. However, typically you’ll pay between $109 and $139 per person for a one-day, one-park ticket.

Some of the factors that will influence the cost of your ticket include;

  • When you’re visiting
  • Which Universal Resort parks you’re visiting
  • Whether you want to move between parks
  • Whether you want a dated or flexible ticket
  • How long you’re visiting for
  • Who is visiting
  • Where you purchase your tickets
  • Where you’re staying
  • Where you’re travelling from (Florida resident / UK resident)

As such it’s important to research your purchasing options thoroughly to help you save.

Is Universal Studios Orlando Cheaper At Certain Times Of The Year?

A significant factor that impacts the cost of all Universal Studios Orlando ticket prices is the time of year you visit.

Universal tickets work on a date-based pricing model, meaning prices vary greatly from day to day, depending on demand.

Typically, Universal tickets are at their most expensive around the major holidays, such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Spring break and the summer holidays also see ticket prices increase.

The low season falls around January, February, September, and early October. This is when tickets are the cheapest and therefore the best time to visit Universal Studios Orlando on a budget.

For example, a one-day ticket to Universal Studios in mid-August 2023 will cost you $139 per adult, while just a few weeks later in early September you’ll pay just $109. 

Universal ticket prices don’t only vary by season or month, but by the day of the week too.

Weekends are generally more expensive than weekdays as such Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tend to be the best days to visit for both cheaper tickets and lower crowds.

How Much Are Tickets to Universal Studios Orlando?

Universal Orlando Resort has two theme parks and a water park. You’ll need to buy separate tickets (or a park-to-park ticket) to visit each of the different parks.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the best-known and most visited theme park in the resort. It’s home to popular areas including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, Hollywood, Springfield, Minions Land, and more.

A one-day ticket for Universal Studios Orlando costs between:

  • Adults: $109 – $159
  • Children: $104 – $154

Note: Children’s tickets are valid for 3 to 9-year-olds. Under 3’s can enter the parks for free.

Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure is Universal’s second theme park, featuring themed areas such as Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade, and Marvel Super Hero Island.

Tickets for the park cost the same as tickets to Universal Studios.

A one-day ticket for Islands of Adventure costs:

  • Adults: $109 – $159
  • Children: $104 – $154

Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is Universal’s exciting water park, with plenty of aqua coasters, epic slides, and relaxing pools. Tickets for the water park are slightly cheaper than the two theme parks.

A one-day ticket to Volcano Bay costs:

  • Adults: $80 – $85
  • Children: $75 – $80

The above prices get you single-day access to the specific park only. You’ll also need to pre–book a date in order to use your ticket.

How Much Do Multi Day Multi Park Tickets For Universal Orlando Resort Cost in 2023?

If you want to visit all of the parks that the Universal Orlando Resort has to offer then, it may be worth buying a multi-day multi-park ticket.

The multi-day ticket gets you access to both theme parks (one park per day), with the option to add a day at Volcano Bay for a discounted price.

A two-day ticket to both Universal Orlando theme parks (one park per day) costs:

  • Adults: $214 – $310 ($107 – $155 per day)
  • Children: $204 – $300 ($102 – $150 per day)

At first glance, the two-day park ticket may not seem like a significantly better deal than simply buying two separate single-day tickets. 

However, Universal regularly offers a special promo that gives you two extra days in the parks for free when you purchase a two-day two-park ticket (including a park-to-park ticket). 

You can also add an extra day at Volcano Bay water park for just $35 more, bringing the total to as little as $249 for five days in all three parks (with the deal). 

Multi-day tickets can be purchased for up to five days. The longer you book, the better deal you’ll get. Purchasing the five-day ticket can bring your per-day cost down to as little as $53.80 per adult or $51.80 per child. 

You’ll need to use up your ticket within a certain time frame – 2 within 5 consecutive days, 3 within 6 days, 4 within 7 days, and 5 within 8 days.

How Much Do Park-to-Park Tickets For Universal Orlando Resort Cost In 2023?

While the base multi-day tickets for Universal Orlando only give you access to one park per day, the park-to-park tickets allow you to jump freely between the two theme parks on the same day. The park-to-park tickets are available for between one and five days.

A one-day Universal Orlando park-to-park ticket costs:

  • Adults: $164 – $214
  • Children: $159 – $209

A two-day Universal Orlando park-to-park ticket costs:

  • Adults: $274 – $370 ($137 – $185 per day)
  • Children: $264 – $360 ($132 – $180 per day)

One huge perk of the park-to-park ticket option is that you get to travel for free between the two theme parks via the Hogwarts Express.

A ride on the famous train is one of the best things to do at Universal Studios Orlando for Harry Potter fans!

As with the base tickets, you can also add on a day at Volcano Bay for a discounted price.

What If I Want To Keep My Tickets To Universal Studios Flexible?

All of the above tickets require you to book a specific date or start date. However, a Universal Orlando flexible ticket gets you access to one or both of the theme parks on any day of the year.

No dates are blocked out and you won’t have to pre-book before your visit.

During peak times, the flexible ticket is only a tiny bit more expensive than the regular dated ticket ($6 more to be exact).

So if you know you’ll be visiting during a peak period but are unsure of the exact dates, this could be a good option for you. 

A flexible one day one park ticket costs:

  • Adults: $165.00
  • Children: $160.00 

A flexible one day park to park (aka both theme parks) ticket costs:

  • Adults: $220.00
  • Children: $215.00

Universal Express Ticket Add Ons

Universal Express is an optional ticket add-on that lets you skip the lines at many of the park’s most popular rides and attractions.

The passes have a fairly hefty per-day fee on top of the regular ticket prices, but they may be worth it if you’re visiting during peak periods.

The three Universal Express Passes currently on offer are:

  • Universal Express: $89.99 – $349.99. Skip the lines one time at participating rides at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

  • Universal Express Unlimited: $99.99 – $379.99. Skip the lines unlimited times at participating rides at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

  • Volcano Bay Express: $19.99 – $149.99. Skip the virtual line one time per participating ride at Volcano Bay water park.

Is Universal Orlando The Cheapest Place To Buy Tickets?

Universal Orlando tickets are currently available to purchase from many different places, which can make finding the best deal a little confusing.

We think buying tickets directly from Universal Orlando is the best option if you’re based in the US or Canada. 

While some third-party sellers offer a slight discount (just $5-10 cheaper), buying direct can save you the unnecessary stress and hassle of finding a reputable ticket seller. 

Universal also offer some great deals and discounts throughout the year, such as their buy two days get two days for free deal.

Can You Get Cheaper Universal Studios Orlando Tickets By Staying At An On-Site Hotel?

Other than park tickets, accommodation is one of the most significant costs when visiting Universal Studios Orlando.

There are seven on-site hotels and resorts at Universal Orlando. And by bundling your park tickets and resort stay into one vacation package, you’ll not only save money on both but you’ll also get extra perks such as early park admission and free transport to the parks.

However, it’s worth noting that staying on-site is quite a bit more expensive than staying at a hotel or in a nearby Airbnb. Therefore it still may not be worth it for those travelling on a budget.

How Much Do Florida Resident Universal Studios Orlando Tickets Cost For 2023?

Florida residents are able to receive a discount on Universal Studios park tickets, as well as annual passes and resort stays.

In 2023, Florida residents can save up to $65 on select multi-day tickets when purchased online. You’ll also find exclusive promotional deals throughout the year for residents only by checking the Universal Studios website.

How Much Do Military Tickets To Universal Studios Orlando Cost In 2023?

Universal also offers active duty and retired service members specially priced tickets and vacation packages. 

The current Military “2023 Freedom Pass” gets you access to two or three of the parks in any one day (blackout dates apply) for just $199.99 per person. This is a $20+ discount on the standard flexible ticket.

In order to qualify for military discounts, you must present your military or Department of Defense identification at any participating Authorised Military Ticket and Travel office

How Much Do UK Resident Universal Studios Tickets Cost For 2023?

UK residents can save money on Universal Studios tickets by purchasing the 3 Park Explorer Ticket, which is available to buy on AttractionTix in the UK only.

The explorer ticket lets you visit all three of the Universal Orlando parks within 14 consecutive days for £330 per adult or £323 per child.

Not only is the UK explorer ticket good value for money during peak periods, but it also gives you far more flexibility than the standard tickets. 

How Much Do Annual Passes Cost For Universal Studios In 2023?

Universal offers a variety of annual passes for Florida residents and non-residents. If you plan to visit the parks multiple times within a year, a pass might be worth the investment.

After an initial down payment, you can split your annual pass payments over 11 months.

Annual passes for Florida residents cost: 

2-Park Annual Passes:

  • Seasonal Pass: $324.99
  • Power Pass: $374.99
  • Preferred Pass: $439.99
  • Premier Pass: $639.99

3-Park Annual Passes:

  • Seasonal Pass: $424.99
  • Power Pass: $484.99
  • Preferred Pass: $549.99
  • Premier Pass: $829.99

Annual passes for non-residents cost:

2-Park Annual Passes:

  • Seasonal Pass: $424.99
  • Power Pass: $474.99
  • Preferred Pass: $539.99
  • Premier Pass: $754.99

3-Park Annual Passes:

  • Seasonal Pass: $524.99
  • Power Pass: $584.99
  • Preferred Pass: $649.99
  • Premier Pass: $944.99

How Much Are Special Events At Universal Studios In 2023?

Universal Orlando hosts numerous special events and exclusive experiences throughout the year that require an additional ticket on top of park admission.

The already announced experiences for 2023 are:

  • Rock the Universe (Jan 2023): $79.99 – $135.99
  • Mardi Gras Float Ride and Dine Experience: $89.99
  • Jurassic Park or Back to the Future Escape Room: $49.99

How Much Universal Orlando Tickets Cost In 2024?

Sadly, no general price details for the 2024 season have been released yet. However, based on historical data, we know that tickets typically increase between $5 and $30 each year.

As such we expect that in 2024, a one-day, one-park ticket will cost roughly between $114 and $179. Although much like in 2023, the exact cost will vary depending on a number of different factors.

For UK visitors, the 3 Park Explorer Ticket will increase in price in 2024 from £330 / £323 (adult/child) to £353 / £343.

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