Six Flags Magic Mountain Flash Pass Explained!

One downfall to visiting a popular theme park such as Six Flags Magic Mountain is how long you’ll spend waiting in line for a ride.

Thankfully, like many theme parks around the world, you can purchase a ticket add-on known as a Flash Pass to skip the line.

The Six Flags Flash Pass can be purchased in addition to your theme park ticket (often at a cost between $80 and $190 per person) and allows you to skip the standby line at many of the most popular rides inside the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

This is a great way to save time inside the park, and pretty much ensure you can go on every ride inside the park, even on the busiest of days.

However, with the Flash Pass frequently retailing for between $80 – $190 many guests (including once ourselves) often question whether the investment is worthwhile.

How Does The Flash Pass Work? 

The Flash Passes at Six Flags Magic Mountain are simple to use.

When you first arrive at the park should head for the Flash Pass Headquarters (currently located on the right-hand side as you enter the park next to the lockers).

If you have pre-purchased the Flash Pass in advance then a staff member here will help you set it up, either using the LoQueue smartwatch device or on your phone.

Alternatively, if you haven’t yet purchased the Flash Pass or have any questions about the Flash Pass then you can ask them here.

Using either the watch or mobile app you’ll be able to see which rides are currently available for Flash Pass reservations and book one accordingly.

Your device will then notify you when it is time for you to ride – you can arrive anytime after your reservation time.

When you arrive at your chosen ride, an attendant will scan your Flash Pass to ensure your ride reservation is valid and correct, and then you can hop on the ride with very little wait time.

Six Flag Flash Pass Tips 

  • Remember to reserve your next ride as soon as the staff member scans your current reservation. This way, you are virtually queuing for your next attraction and not wasting a moment!

  • The LoQueue device is fully waterproof, so you don’t need to be concerned about it while on the water rides.

  • Be sure that you fit the device correctly so that it is comfortable and cannot slip off; losing it is an expensive mistake!

  • The Six Flags Magic Mountain Flash Pass is also now available on mobile devices as a LoQueue watch alternative – just make sure you bring a power bank so your phone doesn’t die!

What Are The Different Types Of Flash Passes At Six Flags? 

There are three different types of Flash Pass available to purchase at Six Flags

Regular Pass

The Regular Flash Pass is the cheapest option. With this one, you will have to wait the same amount of time as people who haven’t purchased the pass, but you can do so virtually rather than literally standing in a queue.

While this pass doesn’t cut your wait time, it does mean that if you have planned your day effectively, you can have fun on one ride while virtually queuing for the next.

Gold Pass

The Gold Flash Pass also allows you to queue virtually, as the Regular Pass does, but it also cuts your wait time by up to 50%. This, of course, means that you will inevitably fit more rides into your day.

Platinum Pass

The Platinum Flash Pass is the most expensive option, as it literally cuts the current wait time of the ride by 90%.

With your Platinum Pass, you also get wristbands that entitle you to a second go on specific rides.

If you want to re-ride, then all you need to do is show your wristband to the assistant, remain in your seat, and go again!

How Much Does A Flash Pass Cost at Six Flags Magic Mountain? 

The prices of the Flash Passes at Six Flags Magic Mountain vary on different days.

The prices reflect the season, whether it is a weekday or a weekend, and generally how busy the park is expected to be.

For this reason, it is imperative to check the Six Flags website for current and up-to-date prices for the day you plan to visit.

As a rough guide, though, the following prices are an average for 2023;

  • Regular Pass – $80 per person
  • Gold Pass- $105 per person
  • Platinum Pass – $190 per person

Does A Flash Pass Work With A Season Pass? 

If you have or are considering getting a Season Pass for Six Flags, purchasing either a Gold or a Platinum Flash Pass as an add-on that works for the whole season is possible. Adding a Regular Flash Pass to your Season Pass is not possible.

This would mean you can enjoy the benefit of jumping the ride lines throughout the year at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Is The Six Flags Flash Pass Worth It? 

Whether or not the Six Flags Flash Pass is worth it is entirely up to each visitor and group. It becomes more worthwhile when the parks are busiest and the regular queues are particularly long.

The purchase of the Flash Pass will enrich your enjoyment of the park, especially if you and your companions are fans of the more popular rides.

 If you or any of the people in your party have a particularly low tolerance for standing in long lines, then the Flash Pass will somewhat alleviate this. How much it helps will depend on which Flash Pass you have.

If you are coming from a long way away and visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain as a one-off experience, investing extra money into Flash Passes is a surefire way of ensuring you get the best possible experience in the park.

However, if you live more locally and can turn up at the park when it is quiet, you can get enough out of it with the shorter lines without paying extra for the Flash Passes. It is a decision you must consider between you and the rest of your group.

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