Can You Wear Heelys To Universal?

Heelys are a popular type of shoe that has a small wheel in the heel, allowing the wearer to roll around. They have become popular among kids and teenagers and are a fun way to get around.

While Heelys are permitted at Universal, you will be unable to use the wheel element of the shoe and instead only be required to walk in Heelys as if they were regular shoes.

This rule is in accordance with Universals dress-code policies and has been designed to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as to maintain the overall safety and enjoyment of the park for all visitors.

Are Heelys Allowed At Universal?

According to Universal’s policies and restrictions, any “wheeled shoes” are not permitted to be used in the park.

However, this statement is somewhat up to our interpretation because you could simply wear your favourite Heelys without the wheel and plug installed, making them operate like standard shoes. 

Are Heelys Good For Universal?

If Heelys are your go-to shoes for daily wear, you will likely be comfortable in them when visiting the Universal parks.

However, keep in mind that you’ll be walking a lot during your visit (upwards of 10,000+ steps on average). Therefore you’ll want a pair of comfortable shoes that will support your feet throughout the day. 

Can You Wear Heelys On Rollercoasters At Universal?

If your Heelys are comfortable and tie or fasten securely to your feet (and you don’t use the wheels), then they are a solid choice for rollercoasters and all the thrilling rides at Universal Studios. 

However, given the weight of Heelys, we highly recommend ensuring they are tight to your feet, as should the shoe(s) come off during the ride they could cause a serious injury either to yourself or another guest within the park.

Can You Wear Heelys At Volcano Bay?

Heelys are permitted to be worn in selected areas at Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay waterpark. However much like the theme parks, Heelys can only be worn and used as a shoe and not as a rollerblade.

It’s also worth noting that shoes are not permitted on any of the rides within the waterpark or at Waturi Beach.

Can You Wear Heelys At CityWalk?

Heelys are permitted to be worn at CityWalk provided that guests wearing the shoes continue to meet Universal’s policy of not using the wheels / rollerblade element of the shoes.

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