Can You Wear Hats On Rides At Walt Disney World?

If you’re visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida during the summer months then it’s a good idea to pack and wear a sunhat to protect your head, face and neck from the hot sun.

Hats can be worn on selected rides at the Walt Disney World theme parks. However, cast members may ask you to remove your hat before going on certain rides within the park.

This is predominantly because hats can come off during the ride and pose a health and safety risk to you and others – not to mention the fact you’ve then lost your hat until at least the end of the day.

Given that many of the lines for rides at Walt Disney World are outdoors, I wouldn’t recommend leaving your hat with a non-rider, since you could easily get sunburnt while you wait (the Florida sun is so incredibly strong!)

Instead would suggest you wait until you board the ride and then either sit on your hat, put it on the floor or put it in a storage pouch on the ride where possible if you don’t want to wear it during the ride.

No ride at any of the Walt Disney World Resorts requires you to store your belongings in a locker prior to entering the ride line.

However, you may be asked to put loose items either on the floor or in a net at the front of the seat on selected rides.

Despite the occasion hassle, in our opinion, it’s still well worth wearing a hat when visiting Walt Disney World, especially in the summertime!

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