Can You Wear Glasses On Rides At Universal Studios?

As someone who needs glasses to see clearly, I know first-hand the frustration and forward planning requires when visiting a theme park.

Thankfully, glasses can be worn on all rides at the Universal Studios theme park. However, you may wish to remove your glasses on selected rides to prevent losing them.

If you’re unsure about wearing your glasses on selected rides within the park then be sure to speak to a member of staff at the ride who will be able to advise you further.

Alternatively, I recommend (again based on personal experience) ensuring that your glasses are tight and secure to your face.

If you’re in any doubt, remove your glasses before boarding the ride / once seated and place them in your pocket (although be sure to avoid damaging the glasses with a lap bar or restraint).

Wearing Glasses On 3D & 4D Rides

Personally, I find the biggest frustration when wearing glasses at Universal to be wearing 3D glasses over my own prescription glasses when on 3D and 4D rides within the park.

There’s no good, or easy way to do this.

However, both your prescription glasses and the 3D glasses should work fine when stacked on top of one and other provided they are relatively in line with each other.

For a better viewing experience I have found wearing contacts and subsequently only having to wear 3D glasses is better.

However, this requires some forward planning. Especially if you’ve previously never had contact lenses before.

Tips For Wearing Glasses At Universal Studios

  • Consider wearing contact lenses instead of glasses when visiting the park

  • Bring a replacement pair of glasses in case of loss or damage (especially if like me you are unable to walk, drive etc. without glasses).

  • Speak to a team member at the ride entrance about wearing glasses on the ride

  • Plan how you’ll store your glasses if you are going to remove them during the ride (either before getting in line or when boarding the ride)

  • Consider purchasing a neck-strap for your glasses to help prevent them from falling off easily.

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