Can You Wear Flip-Flops To Universal Studios Orlando?

Flip-flops are comfortable footwear that may be perfect for wearing during your upcoming trip to the Universal Orlando Resort.

However, while you can wear flip-flops to the Universal Orlando Resort (including both theme parks, the Volcano Bay waterpark, CityWalk and within the on-site hotels) they may not always be the best choice.

That’s because flip-flops don’t offer the support that you may need when walking long distances.

During a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort, it’s likely that you’ll be walking upwards of 10,000 steps per day. As such you’ll want to ensure that you have footwear to comfortably accommodate this distance during a variety of different weather conditions.

Are Flip-Flops Allowed At Universal Studios Orlando?

Flip-flops are permitted to be worn at both Universal Orlando theme parks; Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

However, on selected rides you may be asked to remove your Crocs to ensure that they don’t come loose and fall off during the ride, injuring other guests.

Flip-flops can be a great choice for the Universal Orlando theme parks. However, we’d recommend ensuring first that you’re comfortable wearing them when walking long distances in a variety of weather conditions and on a variety of terrains.

If not then you may either want to bring a change of shoes for during the day or swap out your flip-flops for an alternative pair of footwear for the parks.

Are Flip-Flops Good For Universal Studios Orlando?

Just because you can wear flip-flops to a theme park doesn’t necessarily mean you should. As a rule, if you’re comfortable wearing flip-flops and prefer them to other types of shoes, you should be okay.

However, you may want to keep in mind;

  • Flip-Flops Don’t Offer Support – You’re going to be walking around all day, so you want shoes that will support your feet until the bitter end. Flip-flops are just flat pieces of plastic, so they compress and don’t conform to your foot. 

  • Flip-Flops Fall Off Easily – Unless you’re adept at holding onto your flip-flops with your toes, they can come off with the slightest provocation. If you happen to lose one, you’ll need to adapt accordingly. 

  • Flip-Flops Don’t Protect Your Feet – Orlando is hot and sunny, meaning it’s easy to burn if you’re not careful. Flip-flops offer no protection from either the sun or other hazards. Even something as small as a spilt drink can cause problems when your feet are exposed. 

Can You Wear Flip-Flops On Rollercoasters At Universal Studios Orlando?

Flip-flops are permitted on all rides at both theme parks at the Universal Orlando Resort.

However, depending on the design of your flip-flops, on selected rides, you may be asked to remove your footwear to avoid them coming off and injuring other guests within the park.

Should this be the case you may be able to store your shoes with an attendant and retrieve them after the ride. Alternatively, some guests sit on their flip-flops during the coaster to keep them more secure. 

The Islands of Adventure theme park features three water rides where you’ll likely get wet: Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, Jurassic Park River Adventure, and Dudley-Do Right’s Rip Saw Falls.

All three rides require you to keep your shoes on, so flip-flops may be a good option if you want to avoid walking around in wet socks.

Can You Wear Flip-Flops At Volcano Bay?

Flip-flops are a great option for Volcano Bay. 

Guests can go barefoot throughout most areas of the park, but sidewalks can heat up and become painful for bare feet. To protect your feet, sandalsCrocs, or water shoes are a good idea.

Shoes are not permitted on water slides at Volcano Bay, so wearing shoes that you can slip on or off is extremely beneficial. 

Can You Wear Flip-Flops To Bars & Restaurants At CityWalk?

Flip-flops are permitted to be worn at CityWalk.

As far as we know, this includes all stores, restaurants and bars. However, in certain situations (especially late nights and weekends) you may feel under-dressed in certain flip-flop designs.

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