Does Disneyland Have Single Rider Lines?

If you’re looking for the ultimate time-saving hack when visiting the Disneyland Resort, consider taking advantage of a single rider line.

Both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure have a number of rides with single rider lines. Single rider lines mean that you’ll ride alongside strangers rather than with anyone else you’re travelling with. However, doing so can save you between 60% and 95% of the standby wait time.

That makes single rider lines a great choice not just for solo travellers / solo-riders at Disneyland but also for those looking to maximise their visit with as many rides as possible.

What is A Single Rider Line?

A single rider line enables riders to join a group with an odd number of people, thus allowing them to fill in the space and reduce wait times.

For example, if the ride cart is made up of four seats and a family of three goes into the cart, a single rider will be asked to join the family to fill the cart, therefore, maximising the capacity of the ride.

This type of ride queue is fantastic for solo travellers to Disneyland or those riding alone (because family / friends don’t want to / are unable to go on the ride).

However, it’s also a fantastic option for visitors who are short on time, as they can still experience the attractions without waiting in line for as long.

Guests entering the single rider line must be willing to ride alone or with strangers and will not be able to sit with their friends or family members even if they are also in the single rider line.

However, it’s important to note that the single rider line is not available at all rides and attractions inside the theme park (more on that below!).

Can A Family / Group Use The Single Rider Line?

A couple, family or group is permitted to use the single rider line at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.

However, those entering the single rider line will be split up from their party and instead be riding with strangers.

Therefore, if members of a family or group are willing to ride separately, the single rider line is a great chance to experience the attraction with a shorter wait time.

However, if the family or group wants to ride together, they should use the regular standby line or Genie+.

What is The Single Rider Line Age Requirement

The age requirement for the single rider line at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure is seven years old.

This means that if you want to use the single rider line with children who meet the height requirements, they must be at least seven years old to be able to ride separately from their party.

How Much Time Does A Single Rider Line Save?

The amount of time saved by single rider lines varies between rides depending on the ride cart configuration, how busy the ride is at that time and luck (the configuration of other groups and families in line at the same time).

However, typically speaking you can expect to save between 60% and 95% when compared to the standby wait time.

For example, during a recent trip to Disneyland, I opted for the single rider line for the Matterhorn Bobsleds. At the time the standby wait time was just 20 minutes but since I was always going to be riding alone, I figured any time saved would be a positive.

In this case, I ended up walking straight onto the ride, with zero queuing. I just happened to get to the front of the ride as an adult and child boarded so I was placed at the back in the third seat.

However, when I did the same for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run I had a slightly longer wait of around 15 minutes which was roughly 60% lower than the 35-minute standby wait time shown at that time.

Are Single Rider Lines Better Than Genie+?

If you have the budget then we’d recommend purchasing Disney’s Genie+ instead of using the single rider lines since Genie+ is applicable to all rides in the park and doesn’t split you up from your travelling party (albeit, a Genie+ purchase is required for every rider).

Disney Genie+ starts at $25.00 USD per ticket per day with both prices and availability varying by date. As such a family of four can expect to spend a minimum of $100 USD on Genie+ per day in addition to the park admission.

The only downside of Genie+ is how the service limits the number of rides you can reserve and when you can ride which subsequently requires more planning.

If you’re wanting to truly maximise your time at Disneyland then consider pairing Disney Genie+ with single rider lines.

Reserving Lightening Lanes for the most popular rides inside the park with no single rider lines and using single rider lines for all the other applicable rides inside the park outside of your Lightening Lane times.

What Rides Have A Single Rider Line At The Disneyland Park?

The Disneyland park currently has two rides that have single rider lines;

  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run: This interactive ride puts guests in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon as they work together to complete a mission for Hondo Ohnaka. 
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds: This classic roller coaster takes guests on a thrilling ride through the snowy peaks of the Matterhorn mountain. 

What Rides Have A Single Rider Line At Disney’s California Adventure?

The Disneyland park currently has six rides that have single rider lines;

  • Radiator Springs Racers: This thrilling ride takes guests on an exhilarating journey through the town of Radiator Springs from the popular Disney-Pixar film, Cars.
  • Incredicoaster S Ride: Riders on the Incredicoaster will find themselves zipping along almost two thousand feet of track at speeds up to 55 miles per hour!
  • Goofy’s Sky School: This ride features two steel tracks which boast a thrilling mix of drops, hills, curves, and more as they loop around the track.
  • Grizzly River Run: This thrilling water ride takes guests on an exciting adventure down the wild rapids of Grizzly Peak.
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure: This immersive 3D experience allows guests to feel like they have been transported directly into the world of Spider-Man.
  • Monster’s Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue: This is a thrilling, interactive ride that follows Mike and Sulley’s adventures from the movie Monsters, Inc. As riders board their taxi cabs, they join our heroes to save Boo from Randall’s evil clutches.

Are Single Rider Lines Worth It At Disneyland?

Single rider lines are a free way for guests to skip the line on selected rides within the Disneyland Resort theme parks which in our experience makes them very worthwhile.

While the lines are best suited to single riders, those travelling as a group willing to split up for the duration of the ride will also benefit from the ride experience without the long line.

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