Can You Wear Crocs To Universal Studios Orlando?

Crocs are comfortable footwear that may be perfect for wearing during your upcoming trip to the Universal Orlando Resort.

You can wear Crocs to Universal Studios Orlando. This includes both of the resort’s theme parks; Universal Studios Florida, and Islands of Adventure as well as the Volcano Bay waterpark, CityWalk, and all of the on-site hotels.

However, just because you can wear Crocs to Universal Studios Orlando, doesn’t always necessarily mean that you should.

During a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, you’ll likely be walking in excess of 10,000 steps a day in a variety of different conditions.

Therefore it’s important to understand if you personally would feel comfortable doing this, or whether you may need alternative footwear for your trip instead.

Can You Wear Crocs At The Universal Orlando Theme Parks?

Crocs are permitted to be worn at both Universal Orlando theme parks; Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

However, on selected rides you may be asked to remove your Crocs to ensure that they don’t come loose and fall off during the ride, injuring other guests.

Crocs can be a great choice for the Universal Orlando theme parks. However, we’d recommend ensuring first that you’re comfortable wearing them when walking long distances in a variety of weather conditions and on a variety of terrains.

If not then you may either want to bring a change of shoes for during the day or swap out your Crocs for an alternative pair of footwear for the parks.

Can You Wear Crocs To Volcano Bay?

Crocs can be worn at the Volcano Bay waterpark at the Universal Orlando Resort.

However, you will only be permitted to wear them around the waterpark and not on any of the park rides for health and safety reasons.

Can You Wear Crocs At CityWalk?

Crocs are permitted to be worn at CityWalk.

As far as we know, this includes all stores, restaurants and bars. However, in certain situations (especially late nights and weekends) you may feel under-dressed in Crocs.

Can You Wear Crocs In Universal Orlando Resort Hotels?

Crocs are permitted to be worn in and around all of the Universal Orlando Resort hotels.

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