Can You Wear Costumes To Universal Studios?

Dressing up in costumes and cosplay is a fun way to add some extra excitement to your visit to Universal Studios.

‘Light’ costumes or cosplay is permitted at Universal Studios. However, there are some restrictions you’ll want to keep in mind in order to gain entry into the park. These include;

  • Guests are not permitted to wear costume masks (medical masks can be worn), have long flowing parts of the costume, or have any weapons.
  • Costumes must adhere to the 28″ wide by 80″ high rule to fit through metal detection units. 
  • Costumes cannot make people think that you work in the park.
  • Some rides and attractions prohibit the wearing of specific costumes. 

Alongside the restrictions provided by Universal, you’ll also want to consider the practicality of wearing your costume at Universal Studios.

If the costume is heavy, difficult or delicate then it risks being damaged accidentally by other guests within the park in crowded areas, being exposed to extreme and unexpected weather conditions, or simply making your day at the park uncomfortable.

What Is The Universal Studios Dress Code?

Universal Studios operates a dress code policy. All guests are required to meet these dress code requirements to enter the park.

You can read the complete dress code policy including all the latest updates on the Universal website.

Can You Wear Costumes During Halloween Horror Nights?

Costumes are not permitted at Universal Studios during Halloween Horror Nights.

Instead, park attendees are encouraged to wear clothing that is safe for park rides and avoid articles of clothing that can cause a safety hazard. 

Can You Wear Costumes At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the perfect area within Universal to dress up.

Universal sells a variety of clothing to make this possible including;

  • Robes
  • T-Shirts
  • Jumpers
  • Headbands
  • Pin Badges
  • Wands

However, to save money you may want to wear Harry Potter merchandise that you’ve purchased from outside of the Universal parks.

Wearing Harry Potter clothing and costumes purchased outside of Universal is permitted within the Universal parks and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter provided that the clothing / costume meets the dress code policy operated within the park.

However, you may be asked to remove selected items on rides both within the Universal park as a whole and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for health and safety reasons. Items removed can be stored in lockers provided within the theme park.

Are Character T-Shirts Allowed At Universal Studios?

Character t-shirts are permitted at Universal provided they meet the park’s dress code requirements and do not create a health and safety hazard.

Universal-inspired t-shirts can be purchased at various stores across the Universal parks, in nearby stores (Target, Walmart etc.) or online in advance.

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