28 Best Places To Eat At Universal Studios Orlando Resort

As annual pass holders, we’ve had the pleasure of visiting and eating at the Universal Orlando Resort multiple times over the past decade. As such we know a thing or two when it comes to finding the best places to eat either inside the theme parks or at CityWalk.

Given this, we decided to put together a list of where we’d recommend eating during your trip, and broken down each restaurant based on their cuisine and price so you can find the perfect restaurant for your needs.

1. Mel’s Drive-In

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $$

Mel’s Diner is one of the best restaurants situated in the Universal Orlando theme park.

This 50s-inspired diner’s delights with vintage cars and a jukebox playout out some of the classics from the decade.

Meanwhile, the American menu offers something for everyone with most main meals coming in at under $20.

2. Finnegan’s Bar and Grill

🥗 Cuisine: Irish-American
💰 Price: $$

If you’re looking for a lively dining experience then look no further than Finnegan’s Bar and Grill.

This Irish-American restaurant is situated inside the Universal Orlando theme park and was inspired by the 1978 movie, The Brink’s Job.

The menu here offers a range of traditional Irish delights (scotch eggs, and Guinness beef stew to name a few) alongside traditional American entrees such as buffalo chicken wings and cheeseburgers.

3. Louie’s Italian Restaurant

🥗 Cuisine: Italian
💰 Price: $$$

Louie’s Italian Restaurant is situated in the New York area of the Universal Studios theme park and was inspired by the popular motion picture, The Godfather.

With a range of pizza and pasta dishes to delight, this restaurant is perfect if you’re dining with picky eaters or looking to load up on carbs for the rest of the day!

4. Richter’s Burgers Company

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $

Located on the waterfront opposite Fast and Furious Supercharged you’ll find Richter’s Burgers.

This restaurant follows the theme of the infamous 1906 San Francisco earthquake and contains an extensive amount of memorabilia from this incident. The most notable of which is a large replica statue of geologist, Louis Agassiz, with his head buried in the sand.

The menu is here traditional American fast food, so expect all the classics; burgers, fries, you name it!

This restaurant has an extensive amount of both indoor and outdoor seating making it a solid choice on busy days a the park.

5. Krusty Burger

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $

Situated in Springfield, home of The Simpsons is the world-famous Krusty Burger.

This restaurant is part of a Simpsons food court so to speak with Luigi’s, The Frying Dutchman, and Cletus’ Chicken Shack all available inside a single building just to the side of The Simpsons Ride.

With a choice of burgers, fried chicken and pizza and an extensive range of indoor and outdoor seating, Krusty Burger is a great choice for families looking for quick and easy food on a budget.

6. Lombard’s Seafood Grille

🥗 Cuisine: Seafood
💰 Price: $$

If you are looking for a more sophisticated meal inside Universal Orlando be sure to check out Lombard’s Seafood Grille.

This waterfront restaurant serves an extensive range of fresh seafood including delicious lobster rolls and mouth-watering clam chowder.

However, given the cuisine and the fact this restaurant is table-service based it’s no surprise that eating here is more expensive than some of the other options inside the park.

7. The Kitchen

🥗 Cuisine: Italian-American
💰 Price: $$$

Situated inside the Hard Rock Hotel on-site at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort is The Kitchen.

This classic Italian-American is a fantastic choice for those looking for something a little more low-key than the Hard Rock Café itself.

Whether you’re staying at the Hard Rock Hotel or simply looking for somewhere different to eat during your time at Universal Studios we highly recommend checking this place out!

8. The Palm

🥗 Cuisine: Steakhouse
💰 Price: $$$$

The Palm is a steakhouse also located inside the Hard Rock Hotel on-site at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

Similar to the hotel itself the theme of The Palm is music, however, unlike the Hard Rock Café, this restaurant seems to offer a more sophisticated atmosphere.

This is one of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants at the Universal Orlando Resort, and as such we highly recommend booking in advance.

9. Moe’s Southwest Grill 

🥗 Cuisine: Mexican-American
💰 Price: $

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a fantastic quick-service restaurant situated in CityWalk.

This Mexican-American restaurant is both budget-friendly and incredibly healthy offering a range of fresh ingredients and organic meats. 

Better still the entire menu can be customised allowing you to create your own burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas, vegetarian items, low-calorie options, and more.

10. BiCE Ristorante

🥗 Cuisine: Italian
💰 Price: $$$$

Located at Loews Portofino Hotel is the incredible BiCE.

This upscale Milan-based restaurant chain serves classic Northern Italian cuisine in the most incredible setting.

Whether you’re staying on-site at the Universal Studios Resort, or simply visiting the Universal theme parks for the day we highly recommend checking out this restaurant.

11. Three Broomsticks

🥗 Cuisine: British
💰 Price: $

Fans of Harry Potter will be delighted by the Three Broomsticks located inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Hogsmeade in Universal Islands of Adventure).

This quick-service restaurant serves a range of British cuisine including shepherd’s pie and fish and chips alongside traditional favourites such as turkey legs and french fries.

Better still, this restaurant boasts an extensive range of indoor and outdoor seating – perfect for those busier park days.

12. Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $$

Don’t be fooled by the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.

This eye-catching restaurant at the edge of CityWalk serves so much more than just sweet treats – although the deserts and milkshakes are iconic!

This is unsurprisingly a great place to visit as a family with kids, the menu is extensive and the food is both delicious and plentiful.

13. Vivo Italian Kitchen

🥗 Cuisine: Italian
💰 Price: $$

Vivo Italian Kitchen is a great choice for those looking for classic Italian food in a semi-formal setting at CityWalk.

With balcony seating looking out over the Islands of Adventure theme park this restaurant can be the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long adventure-filled day at the parks.

That being said, this restaurant is also incredibly popular as such we recommend reserving a table or arriving early – especially during busy times.

14. Voodoo Doughnut

🥗 Cuisine: Doughnuts
💰 Price: $

Voodoo Doughnut is an iconic doughnut chain located in CityWalk.

With a range of both traditional and quirky doughnut options, it’s easy to see why this has quickly become the place for grabbing doughnuts when visiting Universal Studios.

There’s no seating available here so you’ll either want to eat on the go or grab a box to take back to your hotel (or home) with you instead.

15. Hard Rock Cafe

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $$

The Universal Orlando Resort is home to the largest Hard Rock Café in the world, complete with a 3,000-person concert/party venue.

While the size of this restaurant may be significantly larger than other Hard Rocks both within the US and around the world the menu is very much the same.

It’s no secret that Universal Orlando food prices are higher than similar restaurants in Orlando. However, we believe that The Hard Rock Café offers a unique dining experience and great value for money.

16. Mythos

🥗 Cuisine: Modern American & Greek
💰 Price: $$

Voted the best theme park restaurant, Mythos is very much worth visiting during your time at the Islands of Adventure theme park.

The Mythos restaurant is full-service and serves an extensive range of exceptional modern cuisine covering the Mediterranean, Asia, America and Greece.

As such the menu items include; Greek salad, pad Thai, BLT sandwiches and more.

17. Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

🥗 Cuisine: Sushi & Burgers
💰 Price: $$$

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is a unique restaurant located in CityWalk.

This restaurant serves exactly what you might expect, both sushi and burgers – which surprisingly go exceptionally well together.

Better still, Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar has an incredible balcony area overlooking the Islands of Adventure theme park which is the perfect place to indulge in delicious food while reflecting on your day at the parks.

18. Bubba Gump Shrimp co.

🥗 Cuisine: Seafood
💰 Price: $$$

The iconic Bubba Gump Shrimp co. is a fantastic place to eat during your trip to the Universal Orlando Resort.

Situated at the edge of CityWalk (as you enter and exit the resort), this restaurant serves an extensive range of seafood dishes suitable for the entire family.

However, this popular restaurant chain can get incredibly busy, especially during the peak season. As such we highly recommend reserving a table in advance if you’re looking to grab dinner here.

19. Lard Lad Donut

🥗 Cuisine: Doughnuts
💰 Price: $

If you’re looking to eat a doughnut the size of your head then look no further than the iconic Lard Lad Donut shop inside Springfield, home of The Simpsons at the Universal Orlando theme park.

Personally, we find a whole Lard Lad doughnut to ourselves delicious, albeit too much.

As such we usually look to share either one between two or one between three during our trips to the park.

20. NBC Sports Grill

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $$

NBC Sports Grill is one of the largest and most popular restaurants at Universal CityWalk.

This awesome restaurant serves a range of traditional American food at an affordable price while broadcasting an extensive number of sports channels on large screens.

All this makes the NBC Sports Grill the perfect place for sports fans looking for either a quick bite or a full meal.

21. Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

🥗 Cuisine: Mexican
💰 Price: $

Located in Springfield, home of The Simpsons is the incredible Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck.

This small quick-service food truck serves budget-friendly Mexican-inspired meals. However, there is no seating outside the truck.

Instead, if you’re wanting to sit down and eat your tacos you’ll want to head over to Krusty Burger or across to the seats just outside the Animal Actors show.

22. Hog’s Head

🥗 Cuisine: British
💰 Price: $

Located at the back of The Three Broomsticks restaurant at Hogsmeade (Islands of Adventure) is the Hog’s Head.

Here you’ll find a range of delicious drinks including Hot Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice alongside both domestic and imported beers such as the exclusive Hog’s Head Brew.

23. Hot Dog Hall of Fame

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame is a fantastic choice for those looking to dine on a budget at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Situated in CityWalk, this fast-food restaurant serves an extensive range of single hot dogs (including the classic corn dog) and combo meals for less than $20.

Sadly, however, the seating available here is limited. As such if you’re visiting during the peak season you may find yourself struggling to grab a table.

24. Thunder Falls Terrace

🥗 Cuisine: American
💰 Price: $

Thunder Falls Terrace is one of the largest quick service restaurants located in the Jurassic World area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

This affordable theme park restaurant serves a range of traditional American fast-food including rotisserie chicken, BBQ ribs and chicken tenders.

Alongside a delicious range of American classics, you’ll also find an extensive amount of indoor seating, making this place the perfect place to both grab a bite to eat and escape the often intense heat and humidity of Florida.

25. Leaky Cauldron

🥗 Cuisine: British
💰 Price: $

This Harry Potter-inspired restaurant is located inside Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando and serves a range of classic British dishes.

Thankfully, fans of Harry Potter only have to eat at either the Leaky Cauldron inside Diagon Alley or the Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade to experience the full range of Harry Potter food available at the Universal Orlando Resort since both menus are the same.

Much like its counterpart, the Leaky Cauldron is incredibly popular, as such while there is an extensive amount of seating (both indoors and out) it can sometimes be hard to find a table.

26. Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food

🥗 Cuisine: Mexican
💰 Price: $$

Situated at Universal CityWalk, the popular Antojitos is the perfect place for those looking to indulge in traditional Mexican food.

That being said, this table-service restaurant is more expensive than some of the other Mexican restaurants both inside CityWalk and elsewhere at the Universal Orlando Resort.

As such it may not be ideal for those travelling on a budget.

27. Confisco Grille

🥗 Cuisine: Global
💰 Price: $

The Confisco Grille is one of the more unique restaurants at the Universal Orlando Resort serving a range of global fare influenced by Asian, Mediterranean and Greek cuisine to name a few.

As such expect to see the likes of Chilled Tuna Noodle Bowls and Pad Thai on the menu.

A real talking point of this restaurant is the decor which is made up of confiscated items that people have tried to bring into the park with them.

28. Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom

🥗 Cuisine: Caribbean
💰 Price: $$

This Caribbean restaurant offers both delicious food and live music from early evening until early morning.

Situated at Universal CityWalk, this table service restaurant is more expensive than some others at the Universal Orlando Resort. However, it’s well worth visiting if you’re looking for a more unique dining experience.

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